Innovation Towards Revolution!

Know more about the 13 teams from SMART Prepaid Innovation Generation!

The new normal is here. It is not a strange far-off reality that we will have to face in the future. Life under the pandemic has altered our lives permanently and we are now faced with new situations that we have never experienced before. We now deal with travel, education, socializing & interaction, and hygiene differently. And in our quest to adapt through the tough times, these hardships also brought out the best in us.

As Smart’s SVP and Head of Wireless Business, Jane J. Basas has shared, “Year 2020 will forever be etched in history as one of the most challenging years, yet.” But at the same time, she emphasized how the same year has been “remarkable as we saw the youth from our SWEEP partner schools heed the call to help communities through innovation pitches via the Smart Prepaid Innovation Generation.”

The Final Demo Day capped off the five-month Smart Prepaid Innovation Generation where we witnessed the talent and drive the Filipino youth. Young innovators from the country’s leading colleges and universities showcase their digital solutions to different problems in areas of public health, education, and such.

Here is a guide on the most innovative projects we’ve had this year!


    Mariano Marcos State University

    A remote switch system that automatically turns UV lights for disinfection purposes to safeguard the public’s health.

  2. Project AEGIS (Allied Equipment for Guaranteed Increased Security)

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines

    An all-in-one terminal with an infrared thermometer and automated disinfection machine that can be placed at entry points of buildings and public places.

  3. Contactless Monitoring Machine

    University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

    A contactless temperature monitoring system for Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs) wherein the device sends temperature readings directly to assigned health workers without the need for physical interaction.

  4. MOBOT

    University of Baguio

    A remotely controlled, low-cost sanitizing mobile robot that uses UV light to disinfect an area.


    Ateneo de Zamboanga University

    A centralized donation website that bridges the gap between donors and beneficiaries to help students in remote areas adapt to distance learning.

  6. JUAN LOAD-i

    Batangas State University

    An online donation platform provides a convenient and transparent way of helping fellow “Juans” in need of cash, connectivity, and devices for the new normal in education.

  7. Brgy4All

    University of Cebu - Main Campus

    A hyperlocal mobile application that helps local communities distribute aid to residents with the use of QR codes.

  8. Near Cloud

    Ateneo de Manila University

    A file-sharing platform that allows students and teachers to gain access to online learning materials without the need for an internet connection.

  9. QNTM

    Xavier University

    A software that provides access to fellow engineering students who need to develop codes and programs for their laboratory classes.

  10. MoM (Mother’s Milk)

    Bulacan State University

    A mobile application that provides breastfeeding information for mothers. It also connects breastmilk donors to nearby breastmilk storage facilities.

  11. i-Contact

    De La Salle – Lipa

    An app that uses facial recognition and QR codes for contact tracing. The system enables customers to register and validate their identities as they enter business establishments.

  12. Yolo Project 02

    Mapua University

    A mobile application that automatically counts the number of people entering an establishment against the allowed capacity.

  13. IoT-Based Air Purifier

    University of Southeastern Philippines

    A low-cost, compact air sterilizer that uses UV light to clean the air.

There were three notable teams in the program who were unable to participate in the demo day: Smart Gaz Analyzer – a Microchip Sensor Device Analyzing Data through SMS Alert & Smart Application an initiative of Siena College of Taytay, QR Code Database System with Mobile App for Contact Tracing – converts user information into QR codes that can be read by scanners at implementing sites created by Angeles University Foundation, and Sm@rt.Dr - Which stands for Self-monitoring and Reading Temperature with Disinfection and Recording is St. Mary’s University’s booth that does automated health checks.

With these innovations, life is meant to be more comfortable, safer, and worry-free. Up against emotional and social upheaval, we all found a way to adapt and redesign the way we live accordingly. “We celebrate their unlimited potential as they (the youth) realize their purpose,” shared Alfredo S. Panlilio, the President and CEO of Smart Communications. He continued, “We applaud the passion for technology and innovation, as they endeavor to live smart for a better world.”

In every generation, it is always the youth who is leading the change and revolution. These teams are testament to how the new generation’s relentless drive and passion for change is what will lead us towards a brighter and optimistic future, a world that is simply better for all.

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