Shoot your shot for the Power of Love with Scott A. Woodward!

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Featuring the Power of Love: Photo Contest

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Happily single or blissfully cuffed, we’re firm believers that you don’t need to be all coupled up to feel the love. From family relationships and platonic bonds to self-love and personal passions, love crops up anywhere we choose to grow it!

This year, we’re leaning into the feeling—and we hope you will, too! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Smart Prepaid invites you to shoot your shot and capture the Power of Love with the help of international photographer Scott A. Woodward.

Born in Canada and now based in Manila, Scott uses the power of visual storytelling to capture beauty in the everyday. His award-winning images have been featured in renowned publications like National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveller, Esquire, GQ, The New York Times, and Vogue, as well as in the prestigious iPhone Photography Awards, the world’s pioneering and longest running worldwide iPhone photography competition. His work pays witness to the stunning moments of daily life—proof that you don’t need to look far to find what moves you. No fancy gear needed either.

For inspiration, take a cue from Scott’s power tips and his very own photo journal—all taken with his mobile phone.

“Free Spirit” (Batanes) – Exploration and discovery help us love the world in which we live.

Scott’s power tip: Living elements evoke stronger emotions in viewers, so try adding people to landscape photographs. Even if they occupy just a little bit of space within the frame, a human touch helps make a more powerful photograph: it gives scale, offers perspective and adds drama.

CAPTION: “Finding Balance” (Batangas) – Taking time to care for yourself is one of the most powerful manifestations of love.

Scott’s power tip: Symmetry is all around and isa powerful tool that easily create harmony,a sense of balance and proportion in a photograph.

CAPTION: “The Beauty of Small Things” (Bukidnon) – One of the best ways to fall in love with nature is to see it through the eyes of a child.

Scott’s power tip: A mobile phone is much easier to handle than a DSLR: it is lighter and more compact which means interesting photographs–from dynamic and creative angles–can be made with less effort.

CAPTION: “Man’s Best Friend” (Rizal) – Nothing is more rewarding than a pet's love and devotion.

Scott’s power tip: PortraitMode creates depth-of-field effect (bokeh) which helps separate the subject from the background and is an excellent way to emphasize and draw attention to the subject

CAPTION: “Hand in Hand” (Batangas)–No matter how difficult things can sometimes get, if you're with the ones you love, there’s always hope on the horizon.

Scott’s power tip: Shooting silhouettes against sunsets is a fantastic way to add another layer to an already spectacular canvas.

CAPTION: “The Light Within” (Batanes) – When you make the time to appreciate the moment, you realize that all the love you really need is inside of you.

Scott’s power tip: Converting photographs to black and white helps focus a viewer’s gaze on the subject by minimizing distracting elements in the background while also adding a timeless quality to images.

CAPTION: “No Greater Creator” (Batangas) – Sometimes we find ourselves in moments so singular and special, it’s a spiritual experience; His Love Is everywhere.

Scott’s power tip: Low light doesn’t mean no light:when shooting low light mobile photography,be sure to turn off the flash on the phone–this will help ensure that the ambient light is rendered in all its glory.

CAPTION: “Pot of Gold” (Manila) – Fall in love with your home when you see it from a different perspective.

Scott’s power tip: The best thing about mobile phones is that we have always have a camera at arm’s length which means a golden photo opportunity is never missed.

CAPTION: “Mother’s Love” (Batangas) – Nothing in this world is more unconditional than a mother's love for her child.

Scott’s power tip: The best photographs capture a split second of spontaneity and authenticity that arises naturally when we keenly observe our subjects and surroundings.

CAPTION: “Igniting the Fire” (Batangas) – Everyone loves a little bit of spice.

Scott’s power tip: So much of the beauty in the world is in the details; be on the lookout for vibrant colors, interesting patterns and unique shapes in the everyday.

As you can see in Scott’s images, love comes in countless forms. All you need is a good eye and a camera ready to capture the moment! What objects, people, places, and experiences fill your heart with joy?

Now, you too can frame the love in your life and shoot your shot! With Smart Prepaid’s Giga Power — which comes with up to 84 GB for all sites and apps—you can easily capture what’s precious and upload and share your work online, just like the pros! So, what are you waiting for?

Get the chance to win an iPhone 13, plus a mobile photography masterclass with Scott A. Woodward himself, or a Giga Power 499 subscription when you join the Power of Love: Photo Contest today!

To submit your images, follow the contest guidelines below:


  1. From February 14 - 23, 2022, contestants must post a photo on Instagram following the “Power of Love” theme where they feature an object/subject that fills their heart with joy and energy. In the caption, describe the photo by explaining their connection with the subject and how they are empowered to keep up this love. They must also include the hashtag #GetGigaPowered and tag @livesmart in their post.

  2. Contestants must make sure that their Instagram accounts are public so that Smart Prepaid may access their submission.

  3. By submitting their entries, contestants also agree to let their submitted photos/contest posts be featured in materials and promotions for the activity (including but not limited to the winner announcement digital video, Scott A. Woodward’s posts through his social media accounts, etc.)

  4. Photo and caption entries must be original and not plagiarized from other sources. If proven to be plagiarized, the contestant and their entry will be disqualified from the contest.

  5. Valid entries following the mandatories above will be judged by award-winning photographer Scott A. Woodward. Winners will be selected based on the following points:

    1. Photo Quality (50%): framing, composition/balance, lighting, editing

    2. Story/Relation to Theme (50%): the caption must tell the photo's story and relate it back to the Power of Love

  6. One (1) contestant with the best entry will win an iPhone 13 and a mobile photography masterclass with Scott A. Woodward himself! Five (5) runner-up contestants will also receive a Smart Giga Power 499 subscription each.

  7. Winners will be announced on February 28, 2022 through a digital video on Smart Prepaid’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We can’t wait to see what the Power of Love looks like through your eyes. Good luck!

For updates, be sure to follow Smart Communications and Scott A. Woodward (@scottawoodward) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.