FROM BEDROOM TO BILLBOARD: Bedroom musicians like Gny are changing the face of popular music

  • Thea Manapat


Gny has been making music for 8 years now. He began his music career under the artist name Technicalia when he was just 15 years old. Inspired by the live performances of DJs and electronic music producers, he released several tracks and an EP online before switching up his artistic direction. “That didn’t really take off, but that’s okay ‘cause my second try as Gny did much better,” he says.

While Technicalia dabbled in electronic music, Gny is more into hip-hop and lo-fi jazzy beats. With two albums and several singles where he collaborates with singers and rappers on his Spotify page, Gny gets around 74,000 listeners per month. Gny’s audience reach is global, with listeners from as far as Bangladesh, Los Angeles, and Singapore. He conceptualizes, creates, and releases his music, and grows his following all on his own.

“I contacted every curator in every platform possible. In the hundreds of emails that you send, you’re almost sure that there’s gonna be at least one stranger out there that will help jump start your career.”

Gny is one of many musicians under the umbrella category “bedroom artists” who have flourished from the fertile foundation of accessible high-quality music software, an eager online audience, and DIY principles. It is a broad category for artists who’ve built their own home recording studios instead of approaching professional music studios. Sound-wise, bedroom musicians explore a wide range of genres from folktronica, dubstep, chillwave, to downtempo. Often, these artists are self-taught.

“My mentor is Youtube University, the absolute best website on the net,” Gny says. “From day one, I still work with a laptop-headphones work flow,” explains Gny as he walks us through his home studio set-up. “I use FL Studio, which is super powerful. When I had enough to fund a bit of my home studio, I purchased the secret sauce: the Roland SP-404. This really changed the way I made beats and performed.”

Even though Gny’s music was born in the bedroom, it lives out in the streets. In 2019, Gny graced the stage as part of Fete dela Musique’s Bedroom Beats line-up, alongside Youngsleepyboi and BP Valenzuela, where he played to a vibing crowd in a jam-packed venue.

Like Gny, many of today’s music superstars began in their bedrooms before making it big. Grammy award-winning rapper-singer-music producer Tyler, the Creator founded the music collective Odd Future and self-released their debut mixtape with a pair of NS-10 speakers, cheap midi controllers, and synthesizers. When Billie Eilish won song of the year for “Bad Guy,” her music producer and brother Finneas held up the award and said, “This is for all of the kids making music in their bedroom today. You’re going to get one of these.”

*Gny can be found on Instagram (@gnymakeshiphop) and Spotify.