5 Wardrobe Staples For Every K-Drama Fan

And these are just the basics, chingus!

  • Alyssa Kristine Bernardo


Have you ever wondered how your favorite K-drama characters find their straight-out-of-the-runway looks? Like, how can a university student or a struggling part-timer afford to run around in the rain wearing a beautiful dress that swishes around as she jumps over puddles with her cute oppa?

Seoul is teeming with style hubs that don't cost an arm and a leg. But after watching way too many Korean films and TV series, I've narrowed down some style essentials that you can mix and match to help you look like the lead girl in every single K-drama.

  1. White button-down shirt or plain T-shirt

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    Nothing screams classic and casual louder than a plain white button-down shirt. Pair it with jeans for an at-home look like Gong Hyo Jin in It's Okay, That's Love or pick a pretty tailored skirt for a more polished vibe like Jun Ji Hyun in Legend Of The Blue Sea. A more casual version of “the white shirt” would be the plain white tee. We've seen it on Song Hye Kyo in Descendants Of The Sun, Kim Ji Won in Fight For My Way, and Kim Da Mi in Itaewon Class. You can also use your white polo or t-shirt to dress up a...

  2. Summer dress

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    It's handy when it's hot outside, and perfect with a white shirt for a preppy vibe. A short, sleeveless dress could give off that effortlessly feminine look, and pairing it with sneakers could give your outfit the right amount of spunk. We've seen this look on Park Minyoung for What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and Han Hyo Joo for W: Two Worlds.

  3. Oversized hoodie or sweater

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    K-Style is about adorably oversized clothing, and this is particularly true for sweaters and statement shirts. Check out how Lee Sung Kyung paired huge hoodies and printed sweaters with jeans in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo or how Park Minyoung showed off her pambahay charms in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and Her Private Life.

  4. Skirt

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    Park Minyoung's office attire as Secretary Kim often features a loose, long-sleeved blouse paired with a pencil skirt. Song Hye Kyo's best fashion moments in Descendants Of The Sun and Kim Hee Ae's doctor outfits in The World Of The Married involve cute skirts, too! You can also check out IU's fashion in Hotel De Luna for some cottagecore style inspo.

  5. Skirt

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    Blazers can help upgrade your look. Pair an oversized blazer with a statement tee and you'll look creative and cool, much like Park So Dam in Record Of Youth and Kim Da Mi in Itaewon Class. If you're into plain tees and pastel colors, you can also try Kim Ji Won's coords in Fight For My Way or Park Minyoung's similar looks in Her Private Life. For a more structured look, opt for tailored blazers like Seo Ye Ji in It's Okay Not To Be Okay or Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing On You.