Reporting Back to “Call of Duty: Mobile”

  • by Tony Tuason, Writer

  • November 4, 2020

If there was ever a successful franchise that’s been transported into a mobile experience today, it’s Call of Duty: Mobile. Hands down. Released last year and has over 250 million downloads reported as of this year, COD Mobile doesn’t appear to be slowing down as the top shooter game for mobile anytime soon.

You might be a little confused, dear reader, so let us help you out. We have two versions of Call of Duty. A global version is published by Activision, and the other is published by Garena for Southeast Asia. Here in the Philippines, we can play COD Garena on both iOS and Android. The only downside is that Garena versions can’t play with the Activision version, mainly because of server differences per region. Both are the same, but the servers are different so make sure to install the Garena version if you’re in the Philippines.

Back in 2018, I was playing mobile games heavily—particularly PUBG Mobile. But after a few months, it felt stagnant and repetitive. It felt like Battle Royales have taken a toll on me. When COD hit last year, I was surprised; especially when I saw the trailer—it did look like an actual Call of Duty game. The COD franchise is one of the biggest gaming franchises out there and is mainly played on consoles and PC. My favorite was definitely the Modern Warfare series because of its storyline and characters like Capt. Price, Soap McTavish, Ghost, and villains like Makarov. And who could forget about experiencing the “No Russian” scenario. Ever since Modern Warfare 2, it was really ingrained on me how the Call of Duty franchise continues to level their game up and at the same time, maintain its uniqueness as a shooter game. When I first installed COD Mobile, it actually felt like a real Call of Duty game.

The developers of Call of Duty: Mobile, TiMi Studios, really went out of their way to bring us a real Call of Duty experience and not just a dumbed-down version of a shooter game skinned as Call of Duty. What initially enticed me to it was their 5v5 matches; which are quick games wherein you need to race towards getting a certain amount of points to win the match. I played those heavily until I accidentally messed up my account and didn’t get to play for the whole year. Back then I thought that the game wasn’t going to get updates soon anyway, so I didn’t bother playing again -- what a huge mistake.

Cut to a few weeks ago, I was looking for a game that could give me an adrenaline boost and keep my mind sharp. I love playing mobile games when I’m bored or if I find myself waiting in line for something. I then remembered Call of Duty, and installed it in my phone and tablet.

Return to Action

So a few weeks ago, I was getting tired of playing other videogame genres and I needed to play a different type of game. I was looking for something that would give me some sort of adrenaline rush. I was surfing the web and checking out the top mobile games of that month - then I saw Call of Duty: Mobile. I stood up and I saluted my phone and tablet, then quickly installed the game.

Everything about the current COD Mobile blew me away and it was very overwhelming, but at the same time I was fueled with excitement in checking out all the cool stuff I missed out for a year! Turns out there’s a lot more than I expected! Now it really felt like it made huge leaps in updates and development. I can’t believe I paid nothing just to play this game. Wow.

Benefits and Exclusives

Just like other free-to-play games, COD Mobile has the usual events, daily tasks and the usual Battle Pass. You have to use real money to subscribe to the Battle Pass, but I found it awesome that you can get certain Battle Pass items for free without paying anything! COD Mobile offers tons of content. I would definitely save up and tap up for in-game credits for this game. I wouldn’t be afraid of actually purchasing from the store because I would look at it as an investment. I could definitely see myself playing this game for a long time, and I’m sure that these in-game purchases would boost my gameplay experience.

Loadouts and Customization

COD Mobile has different options for your loadouts so that you can be prepared for every situation and whatever game mode you’re gonna play in. When it comes to your weapon upgrades, there’s an emphasis on proficiency. You can level-up your weapons based on usage on the battlefield. You can also upgrade them with some XP boost items that you get from rewards too! Leveling up your weapons gives you more attachments for your customization and it’s very helpful in fitting your playstyle.

Multiplayer Madness

Player base is huge enough that your matchmaking only takes a few seconds before you can jump in the game. They have two main game modes—Multiplayer and Battle Royale. There’s also Ranked Matches for both of those modes, which will present a more competitive battlefield. On top of that, when it comes to your usual 5v5 matches, it’s not like other games where only the map changes. From time to time, they roll out different modes for Multiplayer 5v5 battles, too! COD Mobile tries their best to keep you engaged and enjoying variety while you play. Whether you’re on solo queue or in a party with friends, it assures hours of fun with multiple choices of game modes. This was definitely the game that I was looking for.

In Battle Royale, you have 100 players eliminating each other until only one survives. Searching for loadouts, looking for vehicles, and hunting down other players in COD Mobile is way better than what I experienced in other mobile shooter games. You can choose First Person or Third Person modes when playing too! Also, playing on a tablet is a whole new experience. They also have controller support! With these types of options, it’s hard to believe that this is just a mobile game. Incredible.

Call of Duty: Mobile is still the best shooter game for mobile out there. It offers lots of playing time with its multiple game modes and updates. It promises countless hours with a variety of game modes. Some are quick games while some could take a lot of minutes to hours. It’s the perfect game if you’re looking for that rush of adrenaline and countless hours of gameplay with or without your friends. Don’t make the same mistake I did! If you haven’t tried this game, then you should definitely install it! If you’ve stopped and haven’t played for a long time - reinstall and report back to COD!

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