How to Monetize Your Streaming 101

  • by Tony Tuason, Writer

  • November 4, 2020

As Esports and video games continue to rise as a billion dollar industry, more gamers and companies are trying to get in to make money, become pro, or become an online celebrity. One such form that rose from that is streaming. Streaming platforms are now more accessible whether you’re a pc, console or mobile player. Streaming has grown in popularity, and it’s quite simple if you want to kickstart your own streaming journey.


Through streaming, it’s easier to share your passion in games. They stream to showcase how beautiful the worlds they are playing in. On the other hand some people showcase mad skills that could eventually influence other players too. There’s hype, passion, and building your own community in streaming. But lastly, it’s now a way for gamers to earn money and the successful ones have turned it into their full-time job!


Here in the Philippines mobile games are more dominant in terms of streaming. We’ve got Mobile Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Among Us, Fall Guys etc. Streamers enjoy these types of games because different platforms made it easier for them to interact with, and because other audience members who play the same games usually are looking for new tips, guides, or just pure entertainment on how the streamer play. Platforms such as Youtube and Facebook helps you get connected with their viewers and has monetization options. Just choose a platform you’re comfy with and play the games that you personally would enjoy!


Let’s get started with the equipment that you’ll need! For hardware you’ll need your phone, mic, camera, and PC/Laptop. If you’re thinking about long term, you should definitely invest in those. If you’re playing mobile games, you have to connect it to a PC/Laptop and get a streaming or broadcast software. OBS Studio, Streamlabs, StreamElements, XSplit are very popular choices. Also for mobile streaming, you’ll need a “screen mirror” app (e.g. SCRCPY, ApowerMirror) . Some phones, depending on which brands, have this functionality built-in already. Screen mirroring allows your phone screen to be shared to your PC when connected. Most of these apps are free, but you might want to invest in buying a premium version to get more features (e.g. custom watermark).

Just remember, you have to set all the basic configurations in your streaming software once you’ve connected everything to your PC - set your mic as Audio Input, Facecam - as your camera input, and your phone as the display source. There are tons of different options that you should explore for better experience and interaction such as, chatboxes, alert displays (for new subscribers and donatins), various overlays, buttons, etc.

There are also some stuff you’d want to add to make your livestream aesthetic have more personality like - gaming chairs, ring light, unique backdrops, or an extra monitor to help you track live feed comments and donations. There’s a lot of things that you could try to spice things up and experiment to make your audience happy and engaged. Don’t forget that it’s like a show and you’re the star!


Let’s focus on these 2 common platforms first - Facebook, YouTube. For now just pick which app you’re most comfortable with. First, you have to sign up on a platform, and create necessary channels or pages. Think about a name for your brand and make sure that it’s the same name you use for your channels in different platforms to avoid audience confusion in the future!

Once you’ve done creating your channels, you have to check for the StreamKey ID. You can find it in your livestream options in Facebook’s Creator Studio, YouTube Studio. Once you’ve connected all your equipment and configured the right settings in your streaming software, then you’re all set to go live.

There are also other ways to stream if you’re only streaming the game. There are mobile apps like Omelet Arcade that do that. But again, if you’re looking to do this long-term you might as well invest in the proper tools. Don’t forget to do your own research too especially with FB Creator Studio and YT Studio!


Monetization is a feature by the said platforms that lets creators and streamers earn money with the content they produce. These could be in the form of donations from subscribers, advertisements in your videos and collaborations with other brands.

On the path to monetization, it is very important that you should first grow your Subscribers. These platforms will let you become eligible for monetization when you reach a certain amount of subscribers and views. You can check both Facebook Level Up program and the Youtube Partner program. You can still livestream even if you’re not eligible, but you have to work your way up with your streaming hours and subscriber count. With that in mind, for starters you need to do the following so that you’ll be on your way to monetization and channel growth!

  • Stream for at least 2 to 4 hours daily or 3 to 4 times a week

  • Work on different themes and layouts for your livestream settings

  • Interact with the audience and keep them engaged

  • Set subscriber count milestones and celebrations like giveaways

  • Set exclusive content for premium members of your community

  • Diversify your topics or highlights

  • Do not violate eligibility requirements

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection, especially if you’re playing online games. Be aware of your download and upload speed!

You can check out these links to know more about monetization eligibility:

Once you hit the monetization requirements, you have to set up a legitimate payment transfer accounts such as PayPal. You then have to link your PayPal in the payout options of the said platforms and streaming software you’re using. Most of these streaming software also give you an option to stream to different platforms simultaneously - but you have to pay a premium. Maybe we’ll discuss more advanced topics next time!

Now before you start your streaming journey and buying all the equipment you need, just remember that it could be quite challenging. Be smart and plan out your streaming strat and don’t forget to have fun playing while streaming!