Top 5 Best Gaming Room Setups You Can Do at Home

  • by Tony Tuason, Writer

  • November 4, 2020

This year, we’ve been spending most of our time in the confines of our room. For heavy gamers, it’s normal—nothing beats gaming on weekends when you’re in a nice environment and one that you can call your own. It’s your battle station, your place of zen. A place where your surroundings can give you the right energy after a day of work so you can play harder after.

There are a lot of gaming room setups out there already, but let’s try to focus on something that’s fresh and not over the top! We’d like to show you a few varieties of gaming setups for your desk or your room that might spark inspiration, no matter what your budget is.

The all-white setup

An all-white aesthetic gives a soothing and pleasing look to the eye. If you’re looking to make your room a place that gives you a feeling of spaciousness and simplicity, you might as well go with a minimalist setup. There are a lot of gaming peripherals and equipment that come in white so it’s very easy to accomplish.

A few buckets of paint and some LED strips can now be easily bought from a hardware store or online shop. You can also get an RGB strip. You can change the color of your LEDs and you’ll see how it can work wonders on your all-white setup.

For our plantitos and plantitas

Having a minimalist yet vibrant setup can be achieved through a home-décor favorite made popular this year—plants. Because of the lockdown, there have been more people buying and selling indoor plants than ever before. It’s also highly possible that you’ve got that friend or relative who is now obsessed with plants. Maybe it’s time for you to take care of some too, right? When it comes to gaming, we have to take care of our equipment and adding plants would require more attention to your setup. You just have to be careful on how you water them with your hardware around, and do research on which indoor plants are easy to grow (or tough to kill). So the next time someone tells you you’ve been stuck inside your room for days and you need to get some fresh air and enjoy mother nature, just show them your setup (*wink*).

Living Room to Gaming Room

No extra space in your bedroom for a gaming setup? Maybe you should try getting an interior designer to help you out with converting other parts of your home into a gaming area! This one is set up in the living room, closed off with sliding doors. The room stays classy with the doors closed and your family would still be able to cater visitors even when you’re in the middle of some challenging gameplay.

Dark & Deconstructed

This setup looks cool because it makes use of the darkness of the room with minimal lighting coming from the LED strips and peripherals. The use of mounts for the speakers, mics, and the extra monitor is clever especially if you have a small desk. It’s also really cool because everything feels deconstructed; take a look at the glass rig case, split keyboard, and unique framed pictures. This kind of layout would be great if you’ve only just gotten into streaming games!

Goodbye Outside World

Here’s my favorite setup mainly because it maximizes a single room and has enough furniture to help you organize all the clutter. Luckily for us, there are now online shops that sell these types of desks and DIY drawers and wall racks. These are really helpful when organizing your collectibles and other gadgets. Also, you can see how clean cable management is even if you have multiple monitors, consoles, or PCs. What I also like about this setup is the use of studio lights, which gives you variety in lighting whenever you want to take a rest from the RGB strip’s visuals. This setup would also look great aesthetically when you’re streaming, eliciting admiration and even envy from your audience.

We hope that with these setups, you’ll be more keen on building your own gaming rooms too! Having a nice desk or a gaming chair is a great start. Even if you’re playing mobile games, it’s a whole new experience when you’re inside your gaming room. Everyone has different tastes and personalities too, so don’t forget to mix and match some of the elements from the setups we’ve shown okay?

Eventually your room will evolve into a different kind of environment - one that inspires you, lifts up your mood, sparks your creativity, and most of all give you the joy that you never knew you needed. Now go build your gaming room!