Calling All Mobile Legends Fans: Get Hyped on Exciting Updates and Tournaments for 2020

  • by Tony Tuason, Writer

  • November 4, 2020

It wasn’t long ago that Mobile Legends took the Philippines by storm with offering Pinoys a new gaming experience on mobile! Today, E-sports in the country is bigger than ever because of the influence of Mobile Legends and its global community. The draw of playing online with friends and strangers has become insane—different types of people of all ages and backgrounds are playing almost anytime and anywhere.

Lots of new content coming from Mobile Legends developer, Moonton, as well as huge tournaments and events powered by Smart continue to bring both joy and hype to gamers. Last June, long-time Mobile Legends E-sports fans were in for a treat as past MPL champions were pitted against each other. Teams like Aether Main (Season1), Cignal Ultra (Season 2), ArkAngel (Season 3) and two-time champs SunSparks (Seasons 4 and 5) battled it out in the first-ever Mobile Legends Pro League - Philippine Champion Invitational, powered by Smart.

2020 has been really great for Mobile Legends and their players, especially coming from a huge win last year. Philippines won the Gold Medal at the Southeast Asian Games 2019, making it a momentous win for the country, solidifying the Philippines’ place on the global stage of mobile E-sports.

I was there, watching it all unfold live and it was pure madness and hype. Even if you just consider yourself a casual player of ML, you wouldn’t want to miss out on watching the tournaments either live in the arena or via livestream.

There are also a ton of new updates and cool stuff that Mobile Legends came through with this year and they show no signs of stopping. What I really loved about the current updates and activities is that there’s a lot of fan-voting. It’s always great when the developers are focusing on what the players want or would like to see—hero and item adjustments, and new cool skins are coming out to make your gameplay experience rad.

Right now, we’re at Season 18 and we just got a big patch called Project NEXT. There’s a huge update in the battlefield with more empasis on laning with the addition of the “XP Lane” and “Gold Lane”. But the best thing about the patch is the revamp of old heroes such as Alucard, Saber, Miya, Eudora, Zilong, and everyone’s favorite “tank”—Layla.

This year’s MPL-PH Season 6 is on full blast and we’re nearing the playoffs, forcing everyone to the edge of their seats. Who can forget the first match between fan favorite teams Z4pnu’s Execration (EXE) versus AkosiDogie’s Nexplay Solid (NXP), who fought it out with an unforgettable finish with Execration making a big comeback in the deciding game leaving NXP stunned afterwards. But revenge was sweet for NXP and their fans when they went for 2-0 in their recent rematch.

Right now MPL-PH is nearing the playoffs, and since the new patch has been rolled out recently, every game has been unpredictable. Teams who were losing early on in the season are now making a comeback and you can definitely feel that the playoffs will be tough competition.

Watching MPL-PH Season 6 and grinding our way to Mythic with the new patch is exciting and promises us that we’ll have great games and entertainment throughout the year. See you in the land of dawn!

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