Double the Data, Double the Power with Smart Double Giga+ !

How to avail


Open the GigaLife App Choose Double Giga+


Choose your preferred Double Giga+ package


Confirm your subscription


Wait for pop-up confirmation message of your successful Double Giga+ registration


Availability of Double Giga+ for SMART PREPAID and TNT will be available on September 30, 2022 – January 31, 2023.


  1. Promo will be available among Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers nationwide.

  2. Eligible subscribers will be able to avail of the DOUBLE GIGA+ via SMART’s GIGA LIFE APP and/or UMB (*123#). Offers may also be available via other Smart selling touchpoints

    • ACTION: Buy a GIGA with DOUBLE:

      • GIGA VIDEO, STORIES: 50/99/299

    • PROMO REWARD: Enjoy 2X EVERY DAY apps data allocation (2x GB/day) of availed GIGA OFFER and Unli Allnet Texts and/or Unli Allnet Calls

      • *Double Giga+ offers listed may differ per subscriber depending on promo to be availed and/or promo channel and may vary from brand to brand.

  3. Upon successful availment and meeting of criteria, subscriber will receive spiel notification that he/she’s granted 2x the EVERY DAY apps data allocation inclusion, Unlimited Allnet Calls/SMS and corresponding other regular inclusion of the GIGA availed.


  1. The minimum speed of connection for combo offers is at 48kbps with 80% reliability, and a maximum speed of up to 42 mbps. Experience speed will depend on the type of device used, network signal detected, and current subscriber’s traffic. Speed may also vary from one place to another

  2. Validity of the double promo will follow the same validity of the regular GIGA offer.

  3. The doubled daily data allocation for passion apps will refresh every 12 midnight as long as the offer availed is not expired or fully consumed

  4. Concurrent availment of offers is allowed, following the longest validity.


  1. P1.00 maintaining balance is not required to avail and use the offers.

  2. Invalid scenarios (ie. insufficient balance, invalid numbers, etc.) will trigger SMS notifications, at no additional charge.

  3. Offer is not available to roaming and international subscribers

  4. Offer is for peer to peer use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or spamming.

  5. All complaints or questions that may arise from these offers shall be attended to by hotline number: (02) 8888-1111 or *888.