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Our Passion

Our Music

“I share my music because I love how music brings people together. It breaks language, color, race barriers. It connects us on a deeper level."

- Anton

Our K-Life

"My love for K-Drama brought me friends from all over the world. I have friends in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong I never imagined I'd meet. We'd sit together watching the same show from the different parts of the world it's just amazing!"

- Sophia

Our E-Learning

"We learn about life on campus. I love that when we talk about chemistry, we're talking about love and relationships. That's the magic of conversations!"

- Jenny

Our E-Sports

"Gaming is finding friends among your enemies. You compete but you also form a bond that's sometimes deeper than family. This is my safe zone."

- Grace


Our Purpose

We try to make a
difference through the
things we love

Our Voice

This is our space.
And we want our voice
to be heard.