How to Deactivate your Smart Postpaid Add-ons

  • Bills & Payment
Feb 02, 2022


To opt-out from your Postpaid add-on subscription, you may text STOP <space> ADD-ON KEYWORD and send it to 9999.

Example: STOP GIGA299

Wait for the SMS confirmation that your add-on has already been successfully deactivated.

Below is the list of the Postpaid add-on offers and their corresponding keywords:




Giga Video 299 Giga299 9999
Giga Video 399 Giga399 9999
Giga Video 499 Giga499 9999
SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 9999
All Talk 299 ALLTALK 9999
Tri Net Plus 399 TRINET399 9999
Unli Call & Text 599 UCT 9999
Unli All Net Text 349 UTXTALL 9999
All Net Talk 249 TALKALL 9999
Unli Talk 499 TALK 9999
All Net Talk 149 TALKALL149 9999

If you deactivated your add-on in the middle of your billing period, you will still be able to enjoy the subscription until the cut-off date. Once successfully deactivated, the subscription will no longer be renewed on your next billing period.