How to Apply Online for a Smart Signature Plan

  • Postpaid
Jan 28, 2022

You can conveniently apply for a Smart Signature Plan anytime through the Smart Online Store.

Here's how to apply:

STEP 1: Choose Your Plan

  • Go to the Smart Online Store at

  • Under Postpaid, click Plans.

  • The most popular plans will be displayed. Choose from these plans or click Browse All Plans to browse through the entire list.

  • Once you’ve found your desired plan, click Select

STEP 2: Customize Your Plan

  • You will be led to the page where you can customize the inclusions of your plan. 

  • Complete the customization steps by reviewing your plan details then choosing your preferred mobile number, mobile phone and payment plan.

STEP 3: Check Out 

  • Once you’re done, make sure to review your purchase summary then proceed to Checkout. You may also view the list of the documentary requirements.

  • A window will appear where you will be asked if you have an existing My Smart account. 

  • Just select Yes to be redirected to the My Smart log in page to continue. If you choose No, you will be taken to a page where you need to fill out the required details, upload your requirements, verify your email address, and register to My Smart to proceed with your application. 

STEP 4: Accomplish Form and Submit Requirements

  • Fill out the online application form. Make sure to fill in all the required fields and upload your requirements.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy policy and review your application details, and attachments. 

  • Once you're in the Order Summary page, your contract will be ready for printing. You can choose to upload the signed contract or affix your signature on the page. 

  • Review the Subscriber Declaration and click the I agree box. 

  • Click Submit Application and you will be taken to a page which confirms that your application has been submitted.

Here are a few additional reminders:

  • Upload your requirements (Proof of Identification, Proof of Address and Proof of Financial Capacity) in valid digital formats like .doc, .jpg, .png and pdf. File must not exceed 15MB. 

  • Your application is still subject for review and validation. Monitor your registered email and mobile numbers for the next steps.

  • To check the status of your application, you can log on to the Smart Online Store  and click the cart icon.

  • For an easier experience when applying, make sure you already have a My Smart account. Register here using your Smart number or valid email address.

Do you want to apply for a specific phone?

The above steps are for Smart Signature application based on the type of plan. You may also apply for a plan based on the smartphone or device you want. Just go to the Smart Online Store and click Phones and Devices under Postpaid.