Stay Safe and Book a Virtual Appointment for Smart's Services

Jan 20, 2022

Smart Communications understands the customers’ need to have a safe alternative to access their mobile services through their virtual appointment service.

Booking a virtual appointment to avail of Smart’s services at the comfort of your home or wherever you may be is easy. Just click on and once you have accessed the link, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred store
  2. The website will show you the branch and the address, operating days and store hours. Click on the booking app link of your preferred store.

  3. Select service with Virtual Appointment
  4. After clicking on your preferred store, the page will show the various services you can avail from the store. Choose a service and make sure to click the one with the virtual appointment.

  5. Select preferred date and time
  6. Please take note of your chosen date and time for the virtual appointment.

  7. Enter your complete name and email
  8. Type in your name and email and provide additional information such as your assigned mobile number, your contact number and the details of your request.

  9. Click Book to finish
  10. Once you have provided all the necessary details, click on the checkbox that confirms that you have read and understood the provisions and terms in the Privacy Notice before clicking the “Book” button.

  11. Tap OK then you’re done
  12. When you tap OK, you will see a thank you message and a prompt that you will get a confirmation message in your given email.

Whether you are going to avail of a new phone or subscription, switch to Smart through mobile number portability, or avail of after sales services, stay safe and stay smart by booking a virtual appointment with Smart stores.