What to Do If You Have Slow Internet Connection

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Dec 03, 2021


If you are experiencing slow internet connection, try these troubleshooting tips:

Check your account

  • For Prepaid, make sure that you are registered to a data promo and have enough data allocation. 

Try changing locations to improve your signal


  • If you have low signal reception, try changing locations, preferably somewhere more open and with less surrounding obstacles such as concrete walls.

  • Check if you have a different experience when inside or outside the house or establishment.

Optimize your device

For mobile phones and tablets: 

  • Refresh your device by turning it OFF and then back ON.

  • Minimize your background data. Click here to find out how.
  • Clear the cache of your apps. 

  • Update your apps/system regularly.

For PCs and laptops:

  • Refresh your device by turning it OFF and then back ON.

  • Perform a ping test. 
  • Manage which programs you want to launch upon start up and disable those you don’t need. Just search Task Manager> Go to Startup tab > Select programs you don’t need > Click Disable

  • Run a disk clean up to free up more space on your device. Just search Disk Cleanup > Select the files/programs you want to delete > Click OK

  • Close the running apps/programs in the background when not in use

  • If you are connected via LAN cable, make sure that cable is properly connected and with no damage. 

  • Update your apps/operating system regularly.

Try another device


  • Transfer SIM to other working device to check if you are having the same experience.

  • For LTE data connectivity, make sure that you have at least an LTE SIM. SIM replacement is needed if current prepaid SIM is not an LTE-capable SIM. Click here to find out how. 

If problem persists, you may also chat with us through the Smart Communications, Inc. verified Facebook page.