Things to Know About Smart Postpaid Anti-Bill Shock

  • Postpaid
Oct 18, 2021


What is Anti-Bill Shock?

Anti-Bill Shock is a built-in Postpaid plan feature that automatically protects your bill with P2,500 monthly coverage for regular data charges. No need to register and no expiry.


How does the prescribed bill cap of P2500 work?

The prescribed bill cap acts like a price ceiling for your data usage. For example, you have consumed the data allocation of your plan, and you did not subscribe to any Mobile Internet packages, regular charging of P5/15 minutes will then apply. When you reach your bill cut off, the system will compute for your P5/15 minutes charges. If you were able to reach the threshold, your data bill will be capped at P2,500.


What is the prescribed bill cap?

The maximum bill cap amount that you will pay is P2,500.


I’m a Smart Postpaid Subscriber, am I protected by the Anti-Bill Shock?

All Smart Postpaid Plans enjoy the Anti-Bill Shock feature, except for Smart Signature Plans.


Do I need to subscribe to a Mobile Internet package to enjoy the Anti-Bill Shock feature?

There is no need to subscribe to Internet Packages. The Anti-Bill Shock is a built-in feature available to all Smart Postpaid subscribers.


Will my mobile internet be stopped when I reach the P2,500 threshold?

No, you can still continue to use the internet even when you reach the P2,500 bill cap.


Is there a way for me to check the total charges in my bill?

  • Log on to the My Smart website and create an account, or download the Giga Life App in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

  • Text BILL? and send to 211

Is this increase applicable to all plans including Smart Bro?

The P2500 Anti-Bill Shock feature is only applicable to Smart Postpaid and Smart Infinity accounts.