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How do I update my Smart Load Menu

  • Retailer
Oct 13, 2021


Smart Load retailers can sell a wide variety of prepaid load denominations. Apart from Smart eload, retailers can also sell prepaid load packages for Smart Bro, Prepaid Home Wifi, Cignal Prepaid and Meralco Prepaid.

For you to offer all the available services, you must have the updated Smart Load Menu.

Updated Smart Load Menu Options:

  • Smart Prepaid

  • TNT

  • SmartBro

  • PLDT Load

  • Cignal Load

  • Meralco

  • Other Services

  • Balance

  • Options

  • Mobile Connect

  • Menu Update

  • Call SMART

  • Phonebook

  • Inbox

To update your Smart Load Menu, just type the syntax/keyword and send it the access code.

For example, text PULL (space) MENU to 343

Here's a list of the keywords/syntax:

Smart Prepaid Menu GET(space)SPP 343
Cignal Load Menu CIGNAL 3443
PLDT Load Menu GETPLDT 343
Smart Bro Load Menu GET(space)BRO 2200
TNT Load Menu PULL 343


For successful menu updating, please take note of the following:

  • Account must have at least P1 airtime.

  • Phone unit must be idle for 20 minutes, with screensaver and keypad lock temporarily turned off.

  • Signal must be stable with 3 - 4 signal bars.

  • If your phone prompts "allow to send the messages", press Send.

Retailer is also advised to use the Retailer UMB via *343# or the Ka-Partner App to ensure that menu is updated.