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What is background data charging?

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Jul 27, 2021
bg data charging

Did you know that your phone has two ways of consuming data when its mobile data feature is turned ON?

Foreground data or user-driven data is the data that you use up whenever you do any activity that requires internet connection. This includes posting photos, sending emails, watching online videos or playing online mobile games.

The other way you consume data is through background data charging. This is the data that is used up even if you are not actively using any apps or phone features. The background data consumption happens when your connection refreshes so that you get real time notifications and updates.

Some scenarios where you might experience background data charging:

  • when your Facebook app updates your wall and notifications

  • when your email app checks if you have received any new messages

  • when your online game app syncs to check if you have received gifts, have been attacked or have finished any tasks

  • when your weather app refreshes to get the latest weather forecast

  • when your applications automatically download updates