How to Activate your Smart Prepaid Roaming

  • Prepaid
Jul 27, 2021


Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers may send and receive SMS while roaming in over 180 destinations worldwide. 

To activate this service, just text ROAM ON to 333. Make sure you have at least P100 load balance in your account and do it at least one (1) hour before you leave the Philippines. 

You can also make and receive calls in selected countries. Just text ROAM ON (country name) to 333 before your departure to activate the prepaid voice roaming. For the list of countries supporting prepaid voice roaming, please click here.

Remember to deactivate your roaming service upon return to the Philippines to resume voice calls and data. To deactivate, text ROAM OFF to 333

If you are already outside the Philippines and you need to activate your roaming service, reach out to us through our Smart Communications Facebook page or Twitter @SmartCares, You may also call our toll-free roaming hotline at +63288488878.