How to Ask for Load

  • Prepaid
Jul 27, 2021


Reached zero balance and can't reload? You can always ASK-FOR-LOAD from your friends.

Just dial *808+<11 digit SMART cellphone number of your friend> and press call to ask for P5 load. (Example: *80809191234567)

A request message will be sent to your friend. For your ASK-FOR-LOAD request to be granted, he/she must reply with YES. Request is valid until 12 midnight.

If your friend confirms to give you P5 load, he/she will be charged P5 + P1 per request.


  • All ASK-FOR-LOAD requests are fixed at P5.

  • Request for ASK-FOR-LOAD is FREE of charge.

  • Maximum of 3 requests/day (one per friend). Succeeding requests will be disallowed and charged P1 if applicable.