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Sun Aftersales Transaction

  • Postpaid
Jul 26, 2021

Dial 200 is an alternative option for walk-in customers to be assisted quickly on their aftersales concerns. Customers are attended to as soon as they dial in the quick access number. With this current government guidelines, the objective is to provide immediate assistance to store customers for their after sales needs, in cases of long queues inside the store

Dial 200 for the following aftersales transactions:

bill inquires How much is my bill per month?
Service Follow up
I would like to follow up on my pending request
payment inquires
Is my payment posted already?
account updating
I would like to update my contact information.
plan upgrade
Can I upgrade my package?
add on inquires How can I subscribe / unsubscribe to an add on?
international roaming
How can I activate my International roaming services?