How to reload my Smart Prepaid account while roaming

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Jul 14, 2021


Call and Text Card

To top-up a Call And Text Card, text RELOAD(space)(14 digit CTC PIN) to 1510. Transaction charge is the same as outgoing SMS.

You can also ask your friends in the Philippines to top-up for you by texting RELOAD(space)(14 digit CTC PIN)(space)(roaming mobile number) to 1510.

You can also top-up a Call and Text Card using SMART Roaming Text Menu for free. Dial *133#, select (3) Load, select (4) Call and Text Card and then enter the 14 digit CTC Pin.


You can also ask your friends to reload your account via eload or pasaload. To send Pasaload, key-in (mobile number of the International Roamer)(space)(amount) to 808.

Pasaload Denomination Amount Deducted From Sender Airtime Received Expiry
P30 P31 P30 15 days
P60 P61 P60 30 days
P100 P101 P100 30 days
P200 P201 P200 60 days

Notes: Prepaid roamers have a daily cap of P200 for receiving Pasaload.