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How to avail of Smart Postpaid retention online

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Jul 07, 2021

When you applied for your Smart Postpaid plan, you signed a service contract with a specified lock-in period (ex. 24 months or 30 months).

At the end of your contract period, you may renew your plan's service contract, making you eligible to receive a new smartphone or device (free or with cashout). If you qualify, you may even upgrade your current plan.

Here's how you can conveniently avail of plan renewal (also referred to as plan retention) via the Smart Online Store: 

STEP 1: Check if your plan is qualified for renewal

  • Go to the Smart Online Store and click Renewal on the menu. You may also click this link.

  • Enter your My Smart login details.

  • Click on the number you wish to verify. (Note: Only numbers linked to your My Smart account will be displayed.

STEP 2: Choose your plan and phone

  • If your Smart postpaid account/number qualifies for plan renewal, you will see a list showing all the plans you're eligible to avail of.

  • You may choose to continue your existing plan or upgrade to a higher plan (if applicable).

  • You can choose a phone that comes free with your chosen plan, or avail of a phone offered with a higher plan (cashout required).

STEP 3: Confirm and Check Out

  • Click Add to Cart. A window with your purchase summary will appear. You may view the list of documentary requirements.

  • Enter or confirm your details like personal information and delivery address.

  • Add your items to your cart, then check out.

  • Confirm all your information and submit your application.


If your chosen phone requires payment, a payment link will be sent to your email address. Click link to send payment. After successful verification and processing of your application, your new smartphone or device will be delivered to your specified shipping address. Monitor your email and SMS inbox to track status of your application.