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How to Read your Smart Billing Statement

  • Bills & Payment
May 26, 2021

What’s on my Smart billing statement?

  • Bill Period

    This refers to the period covered by your statement of account. Example: June 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020

  • Credit Limit

    This puts a limit to all charges that you may accumulate within a billing period. If you exceed it, Smart may temporarily suspend services to help you manage your usage. Note that your credit limit was set upon plan activation. This may still be adjusted however as needed, depending on your level of usage.

  • Balance from Previous Bill

    This figure reflects the amount due from your previous billing period, as well as any payments made.

  • Remaining Balance from Previous Bill

    This amount covers all unpaid charges carried over from your previous billing period and added to the chargers in your current bill period.

  • Current Bill Charges

    This gives a breakdown of your usages and applicable charges within your current billing period.

  • Total Current Bill Charges

    This amount covers all applicable charges for all usages within the billing period and within the release date of your statement of account.

  • Payment Due Date

    This gives guidance on your prompt payment schedule. We encourage you to always pay your bill on or before this date to keep your line active and avoid service redirection.

  • Total Amount Due/Total Amount to Pay

    This is the total amount that you should pay for. This already summarizes balance from previous bills and your current bill charges.

Got further questions on your Smart billing statement? You may reach us through the following channels:

  • Via our official Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • Via our toll-free hotline *888 using your Smart mobile number

  • Via www.smart.com.ph/account