Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SMART Developer Network?

The SMART Developer Network is SMART's developer program, targeted at developers or web apps and native apps (desktop and mobile platforms) interested in using SMART's technology platforms such as network APIs. We also promote general awareness of mobile apps development and "techno-preneurship."

Members of the developer network can participate in events and meet ups, interact with a developer community, join apps development competitions, and avail of business opportunities by distributing their apps with SMART network APIs or via paid downloads on the Smart app store.

The SMART Developer Network is open to all interested individuals and software companies.

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Who can be part of the SMART Developer Network?

Registration to the SMART Developer Network is open to all developers, from individuals (students, independent developers) to companies (software companies, web companies, etc).

How can I register and be part of the SMART Developer Network?

Registration is done through the SMART Developer Portal. Simply click on the "DEVELOP" top link and follow the step-by-step registration process.

What are the things I can do as a SMART Developer?

Being part of the SMART Developer Network gives you access to information about SMART developer API's, SDK's, and other developer tools. This will allow you to join SMART DevNet events, and keep you updated on developer opportunities. Registration to SMART DevNet is also required for you to make your apps available in the SMART app store.

Are there any charges for registering at the SMART Developer Portal?

There are NO Charges.

Can I make use of Developer APIs and SDKs through the SMART Developer Portal?

These will be made available in the near future. For now, you may check out the WAC API.