This Saturday: Google Hangout with AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman!


AngelHack is the world's biggest hackathon. This Spring's event covers 6,000 hackers in 30 cities. And the event is finally coming to Manila June 8-9.

AngelHack Manila coincides with AngelHack events happening on the same day in Jakarta, Bogota, Seoul, Guadalajara, Washington DC, and Kuala Lumpur. AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman will be in Manila for the local AngelHack event, taking place at the offices of Voyager Innovations in Ortigas Center, Pasig,

To drum up interest in the event we've invited Greg Gopman to a special Q&A via Google Hangout to talk about AngelHack, the global hackathons, the Manila event, what lies ahead for the winners in Silicon Valley, and the ideas and philosophies behind it.

The Google Hangout will be live-streamed as a Hangouts on Air broadcast via YouTube on the SMART DevNet Channel.

The Hangout is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, at 10 AM Philippine Time.

To see the livestream, please visit

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To ask your questions to Greg, just leave a comment in the in the comments section under the stream.

See you guys online!