Now Archived: The Google Hangout with AngelHack's Greg Gopman


Our Google Hangout on Air with Greg Gopman, CEO of AngelHack, last May 18 turned out pretty good! Greg went online from Toronto, Canada to chat with some guys in Manila - mainly Jim Ayson of Smart DevNet, J. Angelo Racoma of e27, Raffy Oca of The Big Time Show, Matt Quiros of the SMART DevNet community - and took questions from all the other people watching live on YouTube.

Greg fielded basic questions about AngelHack and gave viewers a glimpse into what goes on in a typical AngelHack and what;s in store for participants in AngelHack Manila on June 8 and 9, 2013.

We edited the hour long Hangout into a much manageable 13-minute video clip and posted it on our YouTube channel, where it will likely stay posted for all eternity: