Java, Python and Ruby wrappers for the SMART SMS Demo REST API

Since February is the month of love - here's some developer love from our friendly developer friends. First up, let's check out Kat Pe's smart-devnet repository (this code snippet from:

Of course this was originally smart_devnet_lite which as Kat describes as:

"A Ruby wrapper that uses curl for the REST API of SMART Developer Network. We recommend using the SMART Devnet gem because of its apparent advantages when it comes to returning parsed response for each request. This just exist for prefer something faster. The difference is trivial."

Here's an excerpt from

Why is there a lite version? Bryan Bibat proposed to use HTTParty vs. curl so now you can pick which version you want.

Iyanksi has another Ruby Wrapper here:

A direct port to Python of Kat Pe's wrapper was created by Mark Steve Samson

You can compare Mark's wrapper with Raffy Quinto's version

And if you're into Java here's