Finding Smart DevNet - By many URLs ye shall be Googled


Some years ago (during the pre-social media era), you could get away with publicizing a single URL for your organization. This would be your "home page" or "main site" and by this web address you would be found by the general public.

Nowadays it's a little more complicated. The public is less likely to find you by your doman. They are more likely to Google you - or do a search on their social media weapon of choice - be it Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Heck, even Google+.

So thus it came to be that online communities have come to be found through a multitude of URLs. Although truth be told, only two addresses seem to matter nowadays, if you believe the magazine ads, billboards, and buses. These are "Like Us on Facebook", and "Follow us on Twitter". Those URLs and good SEO that makes you easily found on Google. Well if that's the case, the more public URLs the better.

So here's a current roundup of our current URLs. Here's what we have so far:

We have do have a "Main URL" - this is

And of course you can "Like Us on Facebook" through our public Facebook Page:

Our Facebook Page is fully open and public (and Google-able), and we'll be using this for announcements.

And for more in-depth discussions while on FB, we have a Facebook discussion group:

This is a closed discussion group, so membership is required. The discussion group gets the most engagement, its the closest thing we have to a forum.

About 95% of our engagement right now with the developer community is through our Facebook URLs, so if you'd like to keep up to date with our activities, we encourage you to LIKE our Facebook page and JOIN our Facebook group.

We're also on twitter at @smartdevnet .

We have a YouTube channel: where we post interviews and stuff.

We also have a Slideshare account where we post presentations:

We have a Google+ Page too (needs user activity though):

I'm still toying with using Google Groups to set up an online forum/mailing list. Do you think this is still a good idea? A couple of years ago this would be a given, but most people seem to prefer Facebook engagement nowadays.