All Set for the Smart Game Development Conference 2013!


SMART DevNet will be winding down an event-packed first quarter for the year with the SMART Game Development Conference, happening on March 23!

For this gig, we're bringing together the movers and shakers of the local game development scene in one place for one major event. From game designers, developers, artists, and producers - to startups and established game studios, to VCs, investors, students, and enthusiasts exploring the scene.

Why games? As all the tech pundits will tell you, mobile game development is booming and driving the mobile apps industry. Mobile games are clearly the most popular mobile app category. 64% of all apps used daily are games. In the US, there are 100 million mobile gamers - around 1/3 of that nation's population.

Look forward to a full day of talks and information sharing. We're inviting the leading lights in the local Game Development Industry to present the ins and outs of the business. With talks ranging from game production, programming and design, technology updates, and game app monetization - the SMART Game Development Conference presents a chance to network with the best and brightest in the local game dev scene.


The conference will be taking place right at Smart Tower at 6799 Ayala Avenue. The venue is "SaDoce" - Smart's 12th Floor cafeteria/activity center that turns into a hacker paradise every now and then when Smart DevNet holds developer events and meetups there. (Last year's wildly successful Foursquare Hack Day was held at SaDoce)

Partnering with SMART for the event are industry stalwarts like GDAP (Game Development Association of the Philippines) and IGDA Manila (the International Game Developers Association Manila chapter). We'll also be having a talk from tech leader Qualcomm who will be presenting the Vuforia SDK for Augmented Reality (AR) apps.

And as a special treat, we will have Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Games, the developer of the popular iOS and Android game Streetfood Tycoon, speaking on the topic of mobile game entreprenuership and monetization.

SMART DevNet is expecting around 150 participants to attend this free event. Strong word of mouth for the event, leaked out through the developer network's Facebook group and pages, was enough to draw enough people to the conference's Eventbrite page to sell out the event in less than 24 hours.

Clearly, mobile game development is where it's at. Expect more game development events from SMART DevNet in 2013.


Creative Commons Infographic by BusinessDegree.Net