10 Questions & Answers about AngelHack Manila


AngelHack Manila is coming real soon now - June 8-9! As with any info campaign about an event, a number of questions have cropped up about AngelHack Manila. We've compiled 10 of the most common ones (starting with the most basic - "What the heck is AngelHack?") and listed them here with the answers.

1. What is AngelHack?

AngelHack is a series of global hackathons (roughly translated to "programming marathons" - but for a more detailed explanation, click here. ) developed by Greg Gopman and the crew at AngelHack that combines a developer competition with a chance to go through an accelerator program in Silicon Valley and meet with VCs and in incubators.

The About Page on AngelHack.com probably says it best:

AngelHack organizes hackathon competitions for web developers and entrepreneurs, called AngelHacks, where they can learn developer tools, meet new friends, and receive funding and mentorship for their startup ideas. In 2013, AngelHack will organize 100 hackathons, bringing together 15,000+ developers in 50+ cities. Winners from every city are put through the AngelHack Accelerator Program, where we mentor them for 12 weeks before bringing them out to Silicon Valley to raise investment and introduce them to incubators.

Previous winners have gone on to attend Y-Combinator, AngelPad, TechStars, 500 Startups, and incubators around the world.

2. What is AngelHack Manila?

AngelHack Manila is the Manila leg of the global AngelHack series. It is sponsored by the SMART Developer Network and the IdeaSpace Foundation. Greg Gopman, CEO of AngelHack, will be in Manila for the event,

For more information, check out the Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/angelhackmanila.

3. How many cities and developers will be involved?

For AngelHack Spring 2013, there will be 30 cities and an estimated 6,000 developers involved from May to June 2013.

Here's the scene at the recently concluded AngelHack Paris:


4. Where will AngelHack Manila be held?

AngelHack Manila will be held at the offices of Voyager Innovations at the 12th floor of the Anson's Building, 23 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig. This is the building just across The Podium. Here's a map: http://goo.gl/maps/eDEZf

5. When is it?

As mentioned elsewhere here, AngelHack Manila goes live on June 8 and continues through the day and overnight till June 9.

There will be other AngelHacks going on in other cities at the same time as Manila. These will be events in Seoul, Bogota, Washington DC, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. But Greg Gopman will be at the Manila event.

6. What can we expect at the hack?

Greg Gopman said in a recent Google Hangout that AngelHack is a little different than your usual hackathon. In the USA at times takes on the appearance of a party, with toys handed out,s plenty of food and drink , sumo wrestling in corners and free massages. AngelHack Manila will try to ue to the American stay true to the American spirit, but will add some local favor.

More on what to expect, straight from Greg’s mouth here:

And here’s what it was like at an AngelHack in Silicon Valley:

7. Will there be beer?

Yes there will be beer, we have a beer sponsor. And there will be Red Bull too. We hope.

8. How do I form a team for AngelHack?

As per AngelHack rules, a team can have a maximum of five members.

See http://angelhack.com/rules

How you form the team is up to you. You can look for team members on the event itself, but we would advise you to form a team before the event to save on time and to ensure you have a team spirit and composition.

9. What happens to the AngelHack winning team?

The Winning Team at AngelHack will have the privilege of representing the Philippines in the AngelHack Accelerator program, and spend 10 days in San Francisco as part of a 10-week mentoring program. In September, the winning global teams converge in Silicon Valley and get a chance to present at Global Demo Day, with a chance to win a booth at TechCrunch Disrupt.

According the AngelHack site:

At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll be invited to Silicon Valley (Sept 2nd-13th). Here you’ll present your startup at Global Demo Day to a room of over 300 investors, influencers, and media. The goal of this event is to receive interest and follow-up meetings with investors. Very little money is raised at this event… the majority comes to teams in the 7 days that follow. The top ten teams at Global Demo Day will receive booths at TechCrunch Disrupt SF and the rest will receive tickets.

All members of the AngelHack Accelerator program will get a chance to visit TechCrunch Disrupt SF and participate in investor events until September 15. Where the winners get to take their startup idea from there is up to them!

Full program and more info at http://angelhack.com/accelerator

10. Sounds great, where do I sign up?

You can sign up for the event on their Eventbrite page here: http://bit.ly/angelhackmanila

The event isn't free, but there is a very minimal fee charged to demonstrate commitment by the participants.