SMART DevNet Greatest Video Hits

As we’ve seen this year, it’s certainly been a prime conversation starter – from “Gangnam Style” to “Amalayer.”  So in spreading the word about the developer ecosystem, it seemed like a really good idea to be very conscientious about the use of video.

Video production used to mean a humungous budget, but today every Mac has iMovie built in, smartphones and pocket cameras shoot 1080p HD video, and YouTube is the world’s most popular TV channel and preferred means of distribution. We started with a couple of agency-developed videos, but mostly we do DIY (Do-It-Yourself) productions. We do the interview, shoot, edit, and upload ourselves – very minimal crew involved here!

Most of these are interviews and featurettes under the “Smart Devnet Presents” banner. We’ve interviewed developers, hack participants, visiting experts, people in the dev scene. It’s our way of documenting the local developer culture – if future generations find this informative, then we’ll have done our part! The models we used here are Robert Scoble‘s videos as a evangelist/tech gadfly for Rackspace.

We’re also doing more Google Hangouts (which we’ll continue to cultivate for “DevNet Live“). The disappointing thing about getting guests to join hangouts though is many of them don’t really use Google+! So there are too many tutorials needed to get them to log inHopefully this will change in the next year and Google+ gets more mainstream.

Our videos all find their way to the SMART DevNet YouTube Channel which serves as our video archives.

Here are my picks of the top 10 of 2012, in no particular order:

 1. The Gian-Scottie Javelona interview - This is by far the most popular video racking up over a thousand views. I guess people find the thought of a 19-year old acting as developer and CEO of Orange  apps both thrilling and inspiring!

 2. A Talk With the Events KIT team - When a bunch of guys hunkered down in the other cubicles on the floor form a team, join a Google Apps Developer Challenge, and win a $20,000 prize for one of the three best SouthEast Asian apps, you do have to stand up and take notice. But as they say, it was all about the challenge and not about the money.

3. A Talk with Den Delima of Google on the use of HTML5 in YouTube Mobile – Dan Delima is a Filipino software engineer who works on Google’s YouTube Mobile team in Japan – who also happens to spend a lot of time in Davao (where his wife hails from). We got him to speak at our HTML5 DevDay Davao – he’s a great and generous guy who shared his extensive knowledge about HTML5 development with the Davao developer community.

4. A Talk with Danny Castonguay of MIT-AITI – Our talk with  Danny Gatonguay of MIT-AITI during the Google Developer Group (GDG) Devfest, Aug 4, 2012 in Makati. Danny is a cool guy from Montreal who had a lot of inspiring words to say about Filipino developers.He spent a few months at UP Diliman teaching a course on technopreneurship under the MIT-AITI program.

5. From the Archives: A talk with Danny and Oshani of MIT-AITI  - Related to the last video, we talked with Danny Castonguay and Oshani Seneviratne of MIT-AITI, and their UP Students about their impressions of developer events in the Philippines.  Recorded August 4, 2012 at the GDG Devfest at the AIM Conference Center in Makati.

6. Bob Reyes of Mozilla PH on Boot To Gecko (Firefox mobile OS) - While local tech blogs were content to just write about Bot to Gecko, we got an actual demo of Firefox’s upcoming mobile OS on video from Bob Reyes. Bob Reyes of Mozilla Philippines talked to us about Boot to Gecko (aka the Firefox Mobile OS) during SMART Devnet’s HTML5 DevDay Davao. Recorded July 21, 2012 at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City.

7. A Talk with Didem Ersoz of Mozilla’s Web FWD accelerator program - we interviewed Didem Ersoz of Mozilla about Web FWD, Mozlla’s accelerator for open source projects.Recorded at Form Function & Class, Nov 10, 2012.

8. A Talk with Brett Bibby of Unity - A short chat with Brett Bibby, Technology evangelist of UNITY (the creators of the Unity 3D game engine). Recorded Oct 13, 2012 during the Unity Game Jam: Benilde event co-organized by SMART DevNet. This was held at the De La Salle Collage of St. Benilde campus in Manila.

9. A Talk with Rails Girls Manila  - SMART DevNet supports the Rails Girls community! Women in tech was one of the big themes of 2012. We talk with some of the participants of the last Rails Girls meetup about the event and their impression of Rails. Recorded November 24, 2012.

10. Shoephoric – The Site and Mobile App for Shoe Fanatics - One of our first-ever videos highlighted the team behind Shoephoric, the companion Android app to, the social network/community for people passionate about shoes. Shoephoric allows site members the chance to post their dream shoes up for other members to see. The app made its debut in Feb 2012 at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Bonus! And finally – Ken Interviews Nikki Vera Cruz - Though not strictly a DevNet video, but this Webgeek Live video did happen at a Smart Devnet event, #4SQHackPH, recorded December 1, 2012. Developer/Evangelist Ken Daganio‘s interview questions for Nikki Vera Cruz of Net25′s Convergence tech show managed to be both bizarre and entertaining!