Winners of SMART DevNet’s “Unity Game Jam: Benilde” claim their awesome prizes

The members of Team BL-ED, the winning team at our 48-hour game development marathon “Unity Game Jam: Benilde” event last October 11-13, paid a visit to our offices at the 27th Floor of SMART Tower in Ayala Avenue to claim their prizes: One Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone for each team member!

As seen in this photo, Yoyi Halago, Dyle Ouano and Ishie Socro were all happy as clams upon receiving their awesome prizes. In addition to the Galaxy S3s, the team also won a 6-month Unity Pro license from Unity Technologies, the better to develop more awesome games with!

Their winning entry “Silhouettes” can be previewed over the web at this link.

Congrats once again to Team BL-ED!

More info on all the winning teams in our previous blog post.