And the winners of HTML5 DevDay Bacolod are…

HTML5 Dev Day Bacolod Screen Timer

HTML5 Dev Day Bacolod Screen Timer

While the whole Bacolod City was in a post-Masskara mood and the University of Saint La Salle (USLS) was in the midst of the Sandugo Uni-Games, Hall 3 of Santuario De La Salle was bustling with a different kind of energy – cerebral perhaps to say the least.

In an uncanny twist, Hall 1 was where the chess tournament of the Uni-Games being conducted but there was something special happening literally down the hall. Hall 3 was the site of the first ever HTML5 DevDay in Bacolod City and also in the whole of Visayas as SMARTDevNet, SMART Communications Inc.’s developer community program powered HTML5 DevDay Bacolod being put up by SMART Prepaid. This being a seminal HTML5 event of its kind, more than 80 developers from all over Bacolod flocked to USLS to do code battle using the newest version of HTML that has been powering the World Wide Web from its inception.

Asked why these developers wanted to be part of this event,  a student named Bryan Dominic Tupaz commented:

“To learn about HTML5 and be able to get some hints/tricks that the professionals’ use to make a good webpage using HTML5. And lastly I want to join this Event so that I could learn and use HTML5 to further expand my skill set.”

Kathleen Bascon, a freelance web developer and graphic designer, on the other hand said:

“I want to learn more about this language and improve my skills in web development. I would also like to meet new companions to which I could share my expertise and at the same time learn from them.”

After the customary opening remarks by USLS’s Chair for Computer Studies, Ronald Ramos from SMART’s TSD (Technological Services Division) gave a two-part overview of how HTML5 can be used app development. In between his presentations, Bobbie Rebultan from SMART’s PSG (Platform Services Group) demonstrated the demo version of the SMS REST API. She was also able to run through the demo version SMART’s LBS (Location Based Services) API for the first time.

After this, Earl Valencia, President and Co-Founder of IdeaSpace Foundation talked about how developers can bring their apps to the next levels by encouraging them to become startups after they’ve created their apps.

Here’s the final list of teams and the apps they created:

1. Team Fura (Non-students)
City guide
Location aware application which displays all the nearest place found on your current location

Members: Rey Lim, Ephramar Telog, Jose Naldrix Rivera, Fretz Segotie

2. Team Breah (Non-students)
WeatherSocial Beta
Location aware application with desktop notification which displays the current weather condition, weather forecast, and people that have tweets, instagrams, and foursquares on it. Send SMS to your love ones by notifying them about the weather condition in their area, see people tweet their so we can actually know that their are people on it that will be affected by the weather.

Members: Joseph Gabito, Falconerie B. Badayos II

3. GREENOZ (Non-students)
Alert Me
A time management application using HTML5 local storage & SMART APIs
Members: Rics Rojas, Kathleen Bascon, Mowgli Mecha

4. CHIPS (Students)
Educational Map
Like a Google Map where you can select a country and it will locate the country.
Members: Roljhon Teaño Teano, Kier John Sagre, Andrie Ong, Jing Kie Barbas

5. Bacolod Challengers (Non-students)
Match and Learn
A drag and drop matching game that caters to all ages and serves to promote tourism in Bacolod.
Members: Philip Blaauw, Elaine Tolbo, Desiree Joy Germinanda,& Eliza Paguntalan

6. Michael & Oliver (Non-students)
E-Central is a one stop HTML5 Application System where people can ask for help like when there’s a fire, injury, a trouble, or a flood. The application automatically receives the SMS message and the operators can verify and forward the SMS help message to the agencies it should be forwarded to.
Members: Michael Angelo Salvio, Oliver Martinez

7. KKK-studio (Students)
Your free time is not just an ordinary free time. Play sunka powered by HTML5 and get socially active. “Free time gamming is more fun in the Philippines.”!!
Members: Kevin Patenio, Edbert Kent Arana, Edbert Kim Arana

8. Team GetLoaded! (Students)
GetLoaded! provides an avenue for Smart Subscribers to easily exchange services for Smart Load. Subscribers post services in which they get paid by other subscribers
through Smart’s Pasaload API.
Members: Franz Sarmiento & Benj Mikko Adrian Tupas

9. Team Bang (Non-students)
Pledge allows people from all walks of life to help charities/NPO’s/open source developers by volunteering or donating any amount through their mobile phones.
Members: June Rey Tella-in Lelanie Lubao John Lester Alba

10. RJJ ((Non-students)
TakeMe Map Locator
Locates your distance and check your travel time
Members: Raymond Serion, Joshua Artifice, James Bellero

HTML5 DevDay Bacolod Pix 001

Scenes from HTML5 DevDay Bacolod

And the winners were:

Best Bacolod Life App (Students):  Sungka by Kevin Patenio, Edbert Kent Arana & Edbert Kim Arana

Best Bacolod Life App (non-Students): Match & Learn by Philip Biaauw, Elaine Tolbo, Desiree Joy Germinanda, Eliza Paguntalan

Best Smart App (Students): GetLoaded! by Franz Sarmiento & Benj Mikko Adrian Tupas

Best Smart App (non-Students): Pledge by June Rey Telia-in, Lelanie Lubao & John Lester Alba

Special Jury Prize (Samsung SIII): Pledge by June Rey Telia-in, Lelanie Lubaa & John Lester Alba

Special thanks to the judges: Jean Ong & Jann Tan Nery from SMART’s SMS/MMS Product Team, Lloyd Genesiran of SMART Visayas, Earl Valencia of IdeaSpace Foundation and Roy Lopez, co-founder of .

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