A Talk with Danny Castonguay of MIT-AITI

We bumped into the always affable Danny Castonguay of MIT-AITI at the recent GDG Devfest in Makati. Danny is from MIT which has a program called AITI (which stands for Accelerating Information Technology Innovation) .

Under the program, four MIT students came to the Philippines for one summer to teach a Technology Entrepreneurship course in UP Diliman.  More on their Philippine activities here at MIT-AITI’s Philippines Summer 2012 page. 

Our talk with Danny yielded quite a few interesting insights, particularly his view of Filipino Developers who tend to leave the country for better opportunities.

“Keep the developers here, the developers are great, you speak good English, the people are super nice, they’re super collaborative,” Danny noted. “They work great together, they can create great software companies. Yeah, BPO is great, they bring in money because it brings in money right now today, but start thinking long-term, start thinking of building software technologies here …. Stop thinking of shipping developers elsewhere. The level of talent is very high, the cost of living is very low, this is a slam dunk. Build some nice big software companies here.”

More from Danny in this video interview: