Google’s Dan Delima: Interviewed at HTML5 DevDay Davao

JULY 27, 2012

Google software engineer Dan Delima was one of the speakers we invited at HTML5 DevDay Davao on July 21, 2012. In our event, Dan chose to give the audience a glimpse of what goes behind the development of the web version of YouTube Mobile, which has been developed in HTML5.

Dan is a graduate of UP Los Banos and currently works on the YouTube Mobile team based in Japan. Through a special work arrangement he is able to come back to the Philippines every three weeks and works from Davao City, where his wife hails from. That may be why we were able to get ahold of him for this event!

Either way, we were glad to have Dan aboard for this event. He was very generous with his knowledge and bonded effortlessly with the participants.

In addition to presenting the topic “YouTube Mobile WebApp: On the Edge of HTML5″, Dan also served as a judge during the hackathon portion of the event.