Smart DevNet's HTML5 DevDay Davao: That Awesome Saturday

by Arjay Raki-in

Welcome to the HTML5 Dev Day Davao!

Awesome. One word to describe this event. I use that word a lot I know but there's no other word to describe July 20, 2012. It was a first in Davao that Smart Developer Network (or SmartDevNet for short) has ever conducted a HTML5 DevDay and it was held in the University of Southeastern Philippines. It was a limited invite-only event that immediately ran out of slots in less than 4 hours, 1 week before the actual event day. Good thing I was online when the link was posted. Before anything else, this will be a detailed experience, so prepare yourself for the long read.


First to speak was, Mr. Paul Pajo, who seems to have warmed us up. He also announced that the two teams who will win the Hackathon will receive a Brand New Galaxy Nexus whilst the Student Category will receive SmartBro plugits. My thesis partner, Jed, were hesitant to join the hackathon since we are not really well versed in HTML 5 and development, however... I will be saving that part for later.

Paul Pajo Inspiring the Participants to 
Join the Hackathon for a Chance to Win this!

After Mr. Pajo, Mr. Ronald Ramos introduced us to HTML 5. Boy, we were amazed. But our amazement did not end there. Mr. Eric Su of wowed us even more when he showed us the capabilities of HTML5 by introducing us to some of the most creative HTML5 pages you've ever seen. He also gave us a website to create mock ups of anything (we were thankful of that). Then we (or at least I did) almost puked rainbows when Mr. Bob Reyes of Mozilla Philippines showed us a working version of Boot2Gecko (B2G) or more commonly known as Mozilla Mobile OS. 


Mr. Maui Millan Giving a Lecture

After Mozilla, it was Google's turn! Mr. Dan Delima of Google Japan showed how he, together with a team, designed the new YouTube webapp and its capabilities. He also gave us tips on making our codes minimal by using Google's tools. Mr. Maui Millan then introduced us to mobile Technology in Action Org (mobileTAO) and the Smart API's we can use. For those who are wondering or planning to develop apps, Smart has 3 API's; the SMS API, Location Based Services API, and the Smart Money API. The Dev Talks ended with an Elevator pitch from Jim Ayson.


After all the talks, it came to the Question and Answer portion. I asked what are the minimum hardware requirement for HTML5. It was answered by all the masters (felt honored). To sum up all their answers, any smartphone can view HTML5, but there are certain limitations as to what kind of HTML5 you are trying to view. Certain functions like canvas, video, and audio might pose some problems. Feature phones, however, can't view HTML 5. Feature phones, by the way, are those phones with no smartphone OS, like the cheapest Cherry Mobile. With that question, I got a T-Shirt (yay!).

The Masters answering a query. From Left to Right - Bob Reyes of Mozilla PH, Dan Delima of Google, Eric Su of, Ronald Ramos of Smart, Maui Millan of mobileTAO 

After the short Q and A portion, the rules for the Hackathon was presented by Mr. Pajo. There will be 3 Awards; Best Use of HTML5, Best Use of Smart API, and Best Student Team. We proceed to a fantastic lunch after that. During lunch, my thesis partner and I were contemplating on whether to join or not. After lunch we decided. We were already there, why not go for it. This will be a fantastic experience.

At 1.30pm, the Hackathon begins! My thesis partner, Jed, and I conceptualized our thesis. Jed (I hate you Jed for not bringing your laptop :P) was on the computer and I was drawing on paper. Yes. Drawing. On. Paper. And coming up on how to present our WebApp in just 3 minutes. 

During the 4 hours of brainstorming and conceptualizing, there was a free flow of drinks (not the alcoholic kind since we are on campus) and snacks and distribution of goodie bags. We had pizza, pandan salad, and sausage sandwiches... Yes, sausage sandwich not hotdog. We really felt pampered. Haha. 


Instagram Photo c/o Paul Pajo

The time ended for the hackathon and it was now time to present our works. Sadly, I did not finish my presentation because 3-minutes went by just like that (*snaps fingers). Time came for the 2 minute Q&A. I think I did well answering their questions. We were not severely grilled like our 2-hour Title Defense with the same thesis. Or we might be if the time limit is not 2 minutes (*scared). While we were sitting down, Jed pointed out that what our initial idea might not have been grasped by the judges in the presentation since my presentation was somewhat vague and general. We were not expecting anything, but hey at least we tried. At the very least, we had a taste on how to present during the Thesis defense. 
After the awesome presentation from all the attendees, we were treated to a dinner while they were tabulating the scores.


We won! - Photo by Jim Ayson

Time for the winning teams to be announced and the Best Student Team was announced first. 
We won! 

We felt so overjoyed! For the first time, it affirmed our belief that our thesis is worth something and we are going in the right direction. Together with us, The Best Use for HTML5 was Phillyf with their Facebook Cover Maker, Best Use of Smart API was Project NOAH for Mobile, and A Special Jury Award for Project Banthalos (an app making app, appception). Every winning team member received SmartBro Plugits and the Team of Best Use of HTML5 and Best Use of Smart API got one Galaxy Nexus per team. 


The HTML5 DevDay Davao ended with a blast as we moved to Business Class Bar. There were many drinks and food. This is where I met Dulce Lada of Davao Bloggers and talked to some of the attendees as well. We had so much fun!


A sincere thank you to all the speakers, we learned a lot from it! Thank you very much Smart DevNet! It was awesome!

The Epic Loots!

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