Testing 1-2-3: The Smart Developer Network Is Ready for Liftoff!

Well we just got the keys to this new baby and we're giving it a spin. Let's just take a moment to tell you what we're all about:

Welcome to the starship SMART DevNet - our long term mission is to engage with the developer community, provide them with cool dev tools to access our network, and take SMART where it has never gone before. Turning a "telco" into a technology platform where developers can create new applications that can impact millions of subscribers on the SMART network. It's going to be fun, and hopefully we can help developers monetize their apps in the process.

The SMART Developer Network (or as we'd like to refer to it, "DevNet") is SMART's new developer community program. Through the network, we'll be offering APIs to access our network and encouraging the community of mobile app developers to use to develop apps that we hope can make a difference - the whole range from social games to messaging. With easy-to-use operator billing that will make it convenient for users to pay for services without the need for credit card accounts.

Here's what you can expect if you join the SMART Developer Network:

  • Participate in developer events like meetups and hackathons
  • Join our apps development competitions and win prizes
  • Represent the Philippines in regional and international developer competitions
  • Get access to cool lectures conducted by SMART and our tech partners
  • Use our developer tools to make cool mobile apps that directly access telco features
  • Upload your apps to our app store and gain access to over 50 Million SMART subscribers
  • Monetize your apps through our operating billing APIs
  • Incorporate location functions into your mobile app even without GPS
  • And Swag!

There's a lot more to come, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

To jojn the Smart DevNet, sign up through this link. Sign Up!

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