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The Smart Bro LTE Upgrade Promo is an exclusive offer where qualified subscribers can avail a P545 off discount purchase on a new Smart LTE Pocket WiFi.

Through this promo, you can now buy a Smart LTE pocket WiFi device for only P750, originally priced at P1,295.

You are qualified to join the promo if you are a:

  1. Smart Bro Prepaid and Postpaid subscriber with old device (e.g. 3G Smart Plug-it or Pocket WiFi)
  2. Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid subscriber with old device (e.g. 3G Sun Plug-it or Pocket WiFi)
  3. Subscriber with open channel broadband device (e.g. Huawei, ZTE and other generic brand Pocket WiFi or Plug it device)

Subscribers with old device or open channel broadband device can redeem the discount through the Smart Online Store just by following these instructions:

        1. Click the ‘Order Now’ button below.
        2. On the product page, click add to cart then fill out delivery details and complete the payment.
        3. Upon the delivery of the item, present a valid ID and swap your old Pocket WiFi/Plug-it device to get the new device.

With this promo, those who availed the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Pocket WiFi will get a new LTE SIM card and a free Surfmax 250 load card (800MB per day for 7 days) for free.

Promo extended until October 31, 2019. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 7776, Series of 2019. For information, see FAQs.

I am fully aware and understand that the LTE Pocket WiFi device, as applicable, indicated above, which I purchased from Smart Communications, Inc. (“Smart”) is part of the LTE Migration and Loyalty Discount Promo. I understand and agree with the promo mechanics that mandates me to swap my old broadband device in exchange for the discounted LTE Pocket WiFi, as applicable. I acknowledge that the same promo mechanics instructs me to surrender my old device to an authorized personnel of Smart. I acknowledge that these mechanics are part of the control measures of the promo. Upon clicking the “Buy Now” button and proceeding with the transaction page, I agree with all the terms and conditions of this promo.

Further, I do hereby RELEASE, REMISE and FOREVER DISCHARGE SMART, its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, directors, officers, stockholders, employees, agents and all other persons acting for and in its behalf, from any and all actions, claims and demands of whatever nature, that now exist or may hereinafter develop, which in law or in equity I, my successors and assigns may or may hereafter have upon or by reason of any matter or cause or thing whatsoever, arising from the purchase and use of the aforementioned Pocket WiFi device under the Smart Bro Online Swap Promo.

Yes, I have an old device. I would like to order now.


No, I don't have an old device.