Using your phone for Prepaid

To enjoy seamless roaming service, please maintain a minimum load of P100 while abroad.

How to Text

To send an SMS while roaming, use the international number format:
+ (Country Code)(Mobile Code)(Party's Number) and press send on your GSM mobile phone.

How to Call

Calling a local landline:
Dial 0 + Area Code + Tel. No. + Send

Calling a local mobile phone:
Dial 0 + Mobile Access Code + Tel. No. + Send

Calling the Phils:
Landline: Dial +63 + Area Code + Tel. No. + Send

Calling to Mobile Phone:
SMART - Dial +63 + 918 + 7-digit Mobile No. + Send

Others - Dial +63 + Mobile Access Code + 7-digit Mobile No. + Send

Calling another country:
Dial plus sign (+) + Country Code + Area Code + Tel. No. + Send

Voicemail Retrieval:
Dial +639189000100 + send

Emergency Numbers of foreign operator:
Dial 112 + Send

How to Reload

Using Smart Money

1. Go to your Smart Menu and select Smart Buddy.
2. Click on "RELOAD"
3. If you're reloading for the first time, BANK CODE. Enter MONEY, then press OK.
4. When prompted for ID, enter 1 then press OK (Click on MONEY and move on to the next step.)
5. Select a preset amount, then press OK.
6. Select MY BUDDY then press OK.
7. Key in your W-PIN, then press OK.
8. You will receive a test message confirming the amount successfully transferred.

NOTE: You will be charged P20.00 per airtime reload via Smart Money. Subscriber must maintain a minimum of Php20.00 balance.

Through text

1. Lightly scratch off the protective ink on your Call and Text Card* to reveal the 14-digit PIN.
2. Type in "RELOAD <14 digit PIN>" and send to 1510.
3. You will receive a text message confirming that the reload attempt is successful.

Through Call and Text cards via the Internet

In case you run out of Call and Text cards while roaming, you can always buy them on-line with your credit card. Just log-on to Smart Pinoy online reload partners on the Internet and follow the simple step-by-step instructions for online purchase.

Oks Pinoy

How to check your balance

Type in ?1515 and send to 214
You will receive a text message stating your latest available balance.

How to get more info

Send your text messages to *888 or call Customer Service Hotline 888-1111 using a landline phone.