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International Voice Text

When typing text messages can be a task, shout them out with Smart International Voice Text. Available for postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

For only P15.00 - send or receive voice clips from friends and colleagues overseas.

To send an international voice text:

How to send an international voice text

  1. dial *8900 then the recipient’s 8-digit mobile number (e.g. *890016045678999).
  2. The subscriber will then be prompted to record a 30-second message.
  3. When the subscriber ends the call, the recipient overseas automatically gets a text message that he or she has been sent an international voice text.
  4. When the recipient listens to the international voice text, the subscriber or sender is automatically alerted via SMS that the message has been retrieved.

Japanese, Korean, Chinese International Text

Japanese, Korean, Chinese International Text Only SMART gives you the power to send and receive text messages in Korean, Chinese and Japanese characters. You'll never be lost in translation with this International Text feature from the leader in wireless and innovation.

International MMS

Send a cool photo via MMS!Want to send a cool photo to your friends or families on the other side of the world? Let SMART bring life and color to your messages with Smart International MMS.

Combine graphics and texts, sounds and hues, unleash your creativity and enjoy the convenience of sending or receiving multimedia messages internationally using SMART International MMS.

International Video Call for 3G handsets

When words are not enough, video call! Enjoy unbridled face-to-face communication with your loved ones despite distance. Talk to your client with impressive video connectivity. Get more than your usual international calls.

When words are not enough, you can keep connections alive with Smart International Video Call. For only $0.40/min.