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Introducing, Smart Holiday Call Card pack!

Your Philippine Holiday is about to get even better!

Holiday Call Pack
Visiting the Philippines is definitely an adventure with its more than 7,000 islands that hold the prospect of fun, discovery, and breathtaking beauty!

Introducing the most affordable IDD card from Smart! The Holiday Call Card pack is your lifeline in the Philippines. It comes with a Smart Buddy SIM and a Holiday Call Card preloaded with Php 300 that lets you call your family and friends back home for as low as $0.05/min!

You’ll sure to enjoy the nationwidest coverage and the most affordable IDD rates from Smart:

P2.50/min USA, Canada, Guam, Hawaii
P5/min Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei
P8/min Japan, Australia, UK, Italy, Thailand
P10/min Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Bahrain
$0.40/min Rest of world

Get set to enjoy the trip of a lifetime! Make sure you bring an open mind, a daring sense of adventure and of course, the Holiday Call Card pack!

Share with your family and friends the grand old time you’re having under the sun because the part of the fun of going on a holiday is telling people back home about it!

Get your Holiday Call Card pack now at any Smart booth located in all international airports in Manila, Philippines!