SMART Pinoy Roaming SIM

SMART Pinoy Roaming SIM

The Smart SIM card that’s ready for use overseas!

  • The only SIM that has pre-activated International Roaming
  • Only P20.00 per message sent to the Philippines
  • Can receive texts from the Philippines even with zero maintaining balance
  • Prepaid Voice Roaming*

* Prepaid Voice Roaming for SMART Pinoy SIMs is available in select countries. Please click here to view the complete list.





Activation and Deactivation Process

To disable the service, just text “ROAM OFF” and send to 333 in order to use the SIM in the Philippines.

To activate your voice roaming service, just text ROAM ON < country of destination> and sending to 333 one hour before leaving the country.



How to Load?


You can now purchase SMART Load from any accredited online SMART Load Dealers using your credit card:

  1. Plug ‘N Talk E-load Dealer

    Just click on the “E-load “ tab found on your Plug ‘N Talk softphone and you have instant access to our online SMART Load dealer in your part of the world.
  2. PLDT Online

    Click “Online Store” tab in your Plug ‘N Talk softphone, or visit
  3. OksPinoy

    OksPinoy provides one of the cheapest, fastest and most reliable mobile prepaid load services on the Internet. Visit


The world’s first electronic prepaid load that lets you text and call for as low as P30.

SMART roaming subscribers can ask their relatives in the Philippines to load their SIM by visiting SMART load outlets nationwide. Likewise, e-load is available at SMART-accredited distributors abroad.

Available load denomination: Econo (30), Regular (60), Extra (115) and SMART Load (200)


Call & Text cards and electronic PIN vouchers are available in P100, P300 and P500 denominations.

SMART roaming subscribers can load their SIM via call and text cards in 2 ways:

* While roaming abroad, text RELOAD space and send to 1510.

Ex: Text RELOAD 1000100223344 and send to 1510

* To reload a roaming SIM using a Call and Text Card, subscriber must have at least P20 load.
* Your relatives in the Philippines can buy Call & Text cards for you. They should then text LOAD space < PIN> space < B# or SMART # abroad) and send to 1510.

Ex: Text LOAD 1000100223344 09182211333 and send to 1510

* To load using SMART Call & Text card or E-PIN vouchers abroad, subscriber should have a P20.00 maintaining balance. P20.00 roaming charge per transaction shall apply.


The world’s first service that allows your friends and relatives in the Philippines to send load for as low as P2.00 from their SMART cellphones.

* To send load to your roaming SIM, they just have to text < your roaming sim#> space < amount> and send to 808.

* Ex: Text 09182211333 2 send to 808

Available PASALOAD denominations: P2, P5, P10, P15, P20, P30, P60



SMART Pinoy Presyong Pinoy Roaming Text

Text from Overseas to the Philippines FOR ONLY P10!

Now you can double the texts you send to the Philippines with this affordable rate.

FRAME 1: Dial “133 to access the Presyong Pinoy Roaming Text Menu.
FRAME 2: Choose the service you want to use by pressing “Answer”
FRAME 3: Input “1”, press “Options” and select “Send”

FRAME 4: “Please Enter Your Message” will appear.
FRAME 5: Type your message. Then press “Options” and “Send”
FRAME 6: You will be given 2 options :- to continue typing message or to send.

FRAME 7: Input “1” to continue writing message.
FRAME 8: Write message.
FRAME 9: You will be given 2 options :- to continue typing message or to send.

FRAME 10: Input “2” to send message.
FRAME 11: “Enter Destination Number” will appear.
FRAME 12: Input cellphone number, select “Options” and press “Send.”


How To Check Your Balance:

1. Dial *133# to show the Menu.

2. Press "Answer" then type "2" and send.


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