Smart LINK

About Smart Link

Smart Link is a pre-paid satellite communications voice service that lets users call from anywhere within the coverage area, whether on land or at sea. It provides a reliable and affordable crew-calling solution for ships of all sizes.

Smart Link Advisory

Effective December 31, 2015, the Smart Link Service will no longer be able to connect to theInmarsat satellite. Smart Link SIM cards operating on the following devices will no longer work after the said date: R-190, FR-190, FR-190VS and the Isatphone.

To continue using the Smart Link service, subscribers with active Smart Link SIM cards will be allowed to connect to the Thuraya 2 and 3 satellites. With Thuraya’s satellite network, subscribers can enjoy better voice call quality and a wider satellite coverage.

If the Smart Link SIM card is used on the following devices, the subscriber can migrate to the Thuraya 2 and 3 satellites:

  • Thuraya XT
  • Thuraya XT Lite
  • Thuraya SF2500
  • Thuraya XT Pro

The devices mentioned above could be purchased from SMART or a local dealer. If bought from a local dealer, please register your device with SMART to allow connectivity to the Thuraya 2 and 3 satellites.

To register your device, send your device’s IMEI # to the SMART Global Access Group Sales Admin at The registering of unit(s) will take effect 5 days after the request.