Marino Textmate

How to use

Loading top-up card

1. Lightly scratch off the protective ink at the back of the card to reveal the 14-digit PIN

2. On your GSM phone, dial *128*1510<top-up card PIN># then press CALL 

3. Wait for confirmation message to verify if loading was successful

Balance Inquiry

1. Dial *128*1515# then press CALL

2. Wait for the message prompt to know current load balance

Sending a message

1. Save in your “Contacts” all numbers you frequently text in this format: *128*mobile number#
Example: *128*09191234567# Note that this is a one-time procedure only.
2. Compose your message first in your “Messaging“ or “New Message“ menu as you would normally do a text message
3. Copy the text message.
4. Go to your “Contacts” where you saved the number and press “Call”.
5. When the message box appears, paste the text you have copied in Step 3 then press “Send”
6. Press 2 then SEND to send the message

 For phones without “Copy-Paste” feature please do Step 1 then proceed to Step 4. When the message box appears, compose your message within 20 seconds then press “Send”. If you want to continue your message, press “1’, otherwise, press “2” to send your message.

Accessing HELP Menu

1. Dial *128*0# to access the different dial codes for free

2. Wait for message prompt containing the different dial codes