Marino Textmate


Marino Textmate is the exclusive SMS-only service for Filipino seafarers from SMART Satellite Services. Seafarers and crew members can send SMS even when they are off-vessel on foreign ports, anchorages, and shores using their own mobile phones. With affordable rates fit for the Filipino budget, Marino Textmate makes it possible for seafarers to stay connected anywhere in the world whether they are on-board or not.

The Marino TextMate SIM Card costs Php100. It comes preloaded with Php100 worth of credits.

With a Marino TextMate SIM, Seafarers can send and receive SMS to and from the Philippines while abroad at very affordable rates wherever they have access to a GSM/cellular signal.

Marino TextMate load credits are available through top-up cards in two (2) denominations: P100 and P200. They are available at Smart Wireless Centers, SM Outlets, and accredited distributors.

To load credits, dial *128*1510<top-up># and press SEND. To perform a balance inquiry, dial *128*1515# and press SEND.</top-up>

The validity of Marino TextMate load credits are as follows:

Denominations Expiry
100units 30 days
200units 60 days

Marino TextMate rates are P 2.00/ per SMS sent for On-Net (i.e. SMART, Talk N Text) and P 6.00/ per send for Off-Net (i.e. Globe) transactions.

Performing a balance inquiry via SMS is free. Accessing Help is also free.

To send SMS, you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Save in your “Contacts” all numbers you frequently text in this format: *128*mobile number#
Example: *128*09191234567# Note that this is a one-time procedure only.

2. Compose your message first in your “Messaging“ or “New Message“ menu as you would normally do a text message

3. Copy the text message.

4. Go to your “Contacts” where you saved the number and press “Call”.

5. When the message box appears, paste the text you have copied in Step 3 then press “Send”

6. Press 2 then SEND to send the message

 For phones without “Copy-Paste” feature please do Step 1 then proceed to Step 4. When the message box appears, compose your message within 20 seconds then press “Send”. If you want to continue your message, press “1’, otherwise, press “2” to send your message.



No, you are only charged for the text/SMS sent.

While in the Philippines, you can still use your Marino TextMate SIM to receive SMS/text and load credits/top up. You may not however send SMS while in the Philippines.

To replace a lost or damaged Marino TextMate SIM Card, you may proceed to the nearest convenient SMART Store. For replacement of lost SIMs, please provide the following documents:

  • Notarized affidavit of loss
  • SIM pack ( i.e. body of the SIM card where the SIM was removed )
  • Valid ID

For damaged SIMs, please provide the following:

  • The damaged SIM Card
  • SIM pack
  • Valid ID

Yes, it will be transferred as long as the SIM account has valid load available.

For inquiries or concerns you may reach the SMART Global Access group through the following:
Telephone: 511 3803, 511 4105 Email: Or you may visit us at the 17F SMART Tower 2, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.