Marino Phonepal

FAQs / Help

1. What to do when in areas with intermittent or no satellite connection (always "No Network") if you are within the Smart Satellite Services coverage?

✓ Make sure that there are no obstructions near the antenna as specified in the installation guide. Please refer to the installation guide for more details. If problem persists, please contact the Customer Hotline or via email.

2. If I deem my terminal's power supply as defective, can I use another power source?

✓ It is not advisable to replace the terminal's power supply. Please contact us via email or call the Customer Hotline for assistance.

3. Do I still need to orient the antenna towards the satellite location?

✓ No, there is no need to adjust or fix the direction where the Active Omni-directional Antenna is pointing. The antenna is capable of receiving satellite signals in its fixed upright position as long as you are within the satellite coverage area and the antenna is free from any obstruction.

What do I do with my defective SMART Marino Phonepal unit?

Please Coordinate with Smart Sales Representatives through the following contact details:

  • Landline: (632) 8 522 -3947
  • Mobile Number: +63 998 964 9651
  • Email Address:


Customer Hotline

Where can I call if I require further inquiries or assistance?

You may call our Helpdesk members through the following numbers:

• Through your SMART Marino Phonepal terminal *
- Dial: 1888 + 14 Digit PIN (Toll Free Hotline) then press OK

• Through your Smart/ TNT mobile number
-Dial: *777 (Toll-Free Hotline)

• Through a Philippine landline number
- Dial: 02 8 522 3947

• Through Philippine mobile number
- Dial: +63 998 964 96 44

(IDD call charges may apply)

You May also email:

*Note: Calling 1888 using SMART Marino Phonepal is FREE. However, rates may apply without prior notification.