Empowering the YouTube creator community in the Philippines with NextUp

  • By Isa Lim

When you hear the words “Content Creation”, what immediately comes to your mind? Many of us instantly gravitate towards YouTube creators who have been filling us with quality videos. Whether it’s entertaining or how-to content, YouTube creators complete our viewing experience and we are glad to support them with growth opportunities.

Let's break this question down.

Last 2021, Smart andYouTube ran Nextup, a contest for content creators aspiring to elevate their skills and take their channels to the next level! Twelve Filipino content creators win access to the virtual Creator Camp and other awesome prizes that could help them improve their channels.

With a new year on a roll and more creators starting their journeys, Smart and YouTube aimed to provide a bigger and wider platform with the YouTube NextUp Philippines Webinar Series. Invited participants gained access to mentorship sessions with video production experts, brand representatives and Nextup alumni themselves.

To kick off the Youtube Nextup Webinar Series with Smart which started last May 6 and 7, multiple lectures, sessions with content creators and panel discussions were held. On May 6, participants learned Content & Strategy with Andrea Romualdez, alongside this, a panel discussion with Nextup alumni Diskarte with Mendy, Michelle G. and Meljean Solon was held. While on May 7, participants learned from the likes of Lyqa Maravilla, Chef RV and Meljean Solon and Smart Brand representative Jessa Coson on how to build their online community and how they could successfully work with brands. They also learned from multi-awarded filmmaker Blake Sarion about fundamental video techniques and equipment they need to improve the quality of their content.

At the end, the Smart Production Challenge was introduced, wherein participants were given a chance to incorporate their newly learned skills and knowledge into a YouTube video they had to post on their channels by May 11.

Finally, three content creators made their mark and were declared winners!

Afiyuh and Whatsupbob both won a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi device.

Afiyuh, one of the winners, talked about the inevitable toxicity of technology, but despite this, he reminds viewers to always use technology responsibly and be smart with it. The two creators gave hope and encouraged people to connect and build relationships.

Rico Manila won a 1-year endorsement deal with Smart Bro and a Smart Bro Pocket Wifi.

The grand winner of the challenge is Rico Manila, who talked about the evolution of technology through the different generations. IHe also discussed the advantages of technology including making communication easier for us all.

As with anything, content creation is a continuous learning process. There will always be new learnings or challenges that may arise - but good thingSmart and YouTube are here to help creators grow through meaningful activities like this.

So whether you are just starting out in the world of content creation or have already come a long way, do not be afraid to keep trying new things and while you’re at it, take on opportunities like NextUp to take your content to the next level.

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