Love through the Lens: A rundown of the Power of Love Photo Contest

  • by Isa Lim

Last February, SMART Prepaid hosted an online contest entitled “Power of Love: Photo Contest.”

In the spirit of Valentine’s, participants were asked to post a photo on Instagram with the theme “Power of Love”, where they would feature an object/subject that fills their heart with joy and energy. Along with the photo, participants would create a caption describing how they were empowered by love.

Canadian photographer Scott A. Woodward gave some tips and tricks on how participants of the contest could utilize their mobile phones to capture some amazing images. His advice spoke to a lot of the participants and it was clearly seen through the astonishing entries the contest received.

SMART, along with Scott A. Woodward, combed through hundreds of entries to choose a total of six (6) winners: five (5) runner-up winners of a Smart Giga Power 499 subscription, and a grand winner of an iPhone 13 and a mobile photography masterclass with Scott!

Let’s take a look at what the Power of Love looks like through the eyes of the winners!

“As a child I always dreamed of being accepted by my family and seeing this two siblings supportive with each other, while the older sister gave her sibling a doll gift. It empowers the memories and the feeling of love for my sister. My older sister is my first childhood best friend and she would dress me up when I was a kid. I was very thankful for the LOVE and ACCEPTANCE she gave me. Everyone must be loved regardless of gender and expression. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜”

Jonalyn Natividad shared that it was the people who designed the interior of the museum that inspired her to take a photo. Just like the ones behind the stunning interiors, she too wanted to create something remarkable like them someday.

Jaypee Aquino shared that it was his family who was the inspiration behind this photo, to be specific, it was the rare moment he was able to share with his younger cousins. The photo was taken in Ajuy, Ilo-ilo when he and his younger cousins and siblings decided to go on a tour around the island. Despite the image not being perfect, the moment was, because it was in that moment when happiness and love was shown in their faces.

Francisco Pajares Jr. shared that the photo was taken during the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City in which Davao’s ethnic tribes called Lumads gather to play lumad and moro games in a way to preserve and foster tradition. In the middle of the festivities, the people stopped and broke into smiles as they surrounded, hugged, and kissed this lady on a wheelchair just like how one would welcome a long lost friend and that was when he captured the image.

“Connection problems, inadequate knowledge with technology and lack of teaching materials is not enough reason for Ma'am Dimaculangan to pursue her LOVE and passion for teaching her students. Ma'am uses only a phone and plastic hanger as a tripod for online class. Her willingness to teach her students regardless of adversities this pandemic is the ultimate LOVE we must learn from. Salute to you Ma'am!”

As for the winner of the contest, Mark Linel Padecio, who won the best entry with his image entitled “The Golden Scissor and the Portrait of Acceptance”, received an iPhone 13, and a mobile photography masterclass with Scott A. Woodward.

Mark shared during his interview with SMART that photography has always been a passion of his, and one of his dreams 10 years ago was to own a DSLR camera. However, due to the lack of support, Mark had to delay his dream and instead borrowed or rented a camera from his friend until he won a Photography Award in 2018.

Mark also mentioned that 2019 was a very high and low year in his life. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor that year and had to undergo a major surgery. Despite this, Mark persevered and won 5 local and national photo contests. Getting back from recovery, Mark joined some free online photography competitions in the hopes that it may lighten their financial burden. Putting his faith in God, Mark won several international awards that even led him in being one of the recipients of the National Commision for Culture and Arts (NCAA) Presidential Award Ari ng Dangal 2022.

Fast forward to today, the photo that Mark submitted for the contest captures the first time he got a haircut after his major brain surgery last 2020. He shares that taking the photo made him feel a mix of happiness and sadness.

“The journey of life is a series of photographs where not all memories can be said to be a good picture. There are times in life when stories are unfavorable to us and those memories are not good pictures to reminisce. However, those negative memories can be a good source of strength to fight and to persevere in finding a better page in life.“

Watch the video below to see winning entries.

Even if the contest has come to an end, we invite all of you to challenge yourself every day to capture moments when you feel the Power of Love, and share these with Smart Prepaid’s Giga Power. Just download the GigaLife App or dial *123# and choose Giga Power to subscribe!