P.I.M.P. 'Poetry is My Pleasure' by Lyrique - An Artist, His Struggle, and a Hip Hop Album

If you're looking for a taste of classic Hip-Hop rap, chill R&B beats, and a whole lot of thought-provoking rhymes, P.I.M.P (Poetry is my Pleasure) by Lyrique is an album worth every second of a sit-down listening session.

Baguio-born Edward Que, a.k.a. Lyrique, shines a light on his struggle living from paycheck to paycheck and making a life for himself as a 22-year-old immigrant, to eventually finding his passion for rap, in his debut album P.I.M.P.

To tell us more about the inspiration behind his album and his sudden change of name on all his social media platforms,, we caught up with Lyrique through a quick virtual interview.

Why did you want to share your story as a struggling artist?

Vulnerability, one special thing about being an artist is the courage to be vulnerable. To put yourself out there regardless of who listens or who doesn’t. Who sees you as the next big thing or who just skips to the next song. As artists, most of the time the audience only sees where we live, how much one's net worth is. Yet people sometimes don’t even realize that artists are some of the most vulnerable people out there. From the content of their art to the marketing plan, it’s the struggle. People only see the results but I wanted to somewhat be transparent with the process.

“Be Present, the past is where the pain is and the future is where worry is. BE PRESENT! You never know when it could be taken away." - Edward Que

Your album is 35 minutes of pure lyrical gold, the type of music you listen to over and over again, to grasp the message on every rhyme. What was the inspiration behind this?

First of all thank you for the kind words with regards to this project. What inspired it? Sonically it was inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Outkast, and Mac Miller. But concept-wise I really want to show the relevance of self-care. The single off this project is Live Well and I kind of built the other songs around that single. Mainly speaking about the relevance of self-care and tuning out the noise. I know that the album’s sound is not really club-banger worthy unlike most songs out nowadays. But I am comfortable with that and I just wanted to be different and at the same time touch with my roots on the kind of hip hop I wanted.

You've changed your name on Social Media and Youtube [from Lyrique to EDDIE PE$O$], is this a permanent change? If so, what made you decide to do so?

I’ve been contemplating changing my name for a while now. Maybe because people mispronounce my name, or maybe because I find it cliche. And to some extent, I feel some baggage with it from past experiences. I will always be Lyrique but like anything, in life, we have to evolve to survive. Nothing is final yet but I want EDDIE PE$O$ to be a level up on whatever it is that I have done with Lyrique.

Final Thoughts

A life isn't a life till you live it. And Lyrique is the perfect example. There's no limits to what a boy from Baguio City, Philippines can achieve with enough drive and motivation. Get that daily dose of inspirational and thought-provoking music from his album P.I.M.P. (Poetry is my Pleasure) on Spotify, best enjoyed with Smart Giga Music.