“SELF-INTERIOR”: Must-Have Items For Your Korean-Inspired Interior!

  • by Claire A.

Being stuck at home, most of us found solace in K-dramas, K-variety and K-pop that helped us cope, in these trying times. With the work from home arrangement still intact, you might be feeling dull and stuck with your usual setup, being in your room 24/7 and we don’t blame you for feeling that way. To lift your spirits up and to make your K-life better for the start of the year, this might be the perfect time to get started on that korean-inspired room makeover that you’ve always been planning!

Recently, South Korean youths of today have been getting into what they call “self-interior.” A large number of photos with curated, DIY interiors are turning up on instagram, where today’s generation in Korea are showcasing their carefully articulated rooms. They just make their spaces look so easygoing and well put together! It's no wonder that K-drama interiors, and K-pop MV interiors too are so visually appealing. They already have that trademark aesthetic of minimalist chic that when you see it, you know that it's Korean-inspired. To give you some tips on how and where to start, here is a list of must-have items to help you make the most out of your own space and achieve that effortless Korean-inspired self-interior:

  1. White Walls

    Photo from Pinterest

    In order to achieve a light and effortless look, you first need to brighten up the room with a clean, white canvas! Painting the walls white gives your room more to work on and gives a vastly different effect on your space.

  2. Light Fixtures

    Photo from instagram: @self_interior

    Lighting is everything and good lighting can improve a room more than you realize. It simply sets the overall mood of your space! Koreans prefer simple floor lamps because of how flexible it is and how it can light up an entire room without compromising so much floor space.

  3. Sheer White Curtains

    Photo from m.ggumim.co.kr

    To give your room a more cozy look, choosing plain white curtains gives the room a more airy and comfortable feeling. Having sheer white curtains amplify the natural light coming from your window, making the whole room feel brighter and bigger during the day. You won’t be needing filters for your photos or selfies with this hack!

  4. Unique Pieces

    Photo from m.ggumim.com.kr

    Add your own personal touch! Procure some unique pieces that represent you or the theme you’re going for. It could be a vase with a unique color and design or a fluffy carpet that can make your space truly your own. South Korea’s newtro trend, deriving from “new” and “retro” is clearly seen nowadays -- from fashion to food to korean dramas and music videos -- so, it’s no surprise that they are incorporating it to their space as well!

  5. Wall Design

    Photo from instagram: @todayhouse & pinterest

    To give your wall some visual interest, you may opt to add a tapestry, some movie posters of your favorite films, or you can get even crazy and curate photos of your ultimate bias from your favorite kpop group! No matter your choice of accent piece, be careful not to overdo what you put on your walls as this may end up looking cluttered.

  6. Mirror

    Photo from Pinterest & @jai_____stagram

    Invest in floor length mirrors to make your room appear much bigger and brighter. It can also be your selca buddy to help you on taking gorgeous photos of your ootds! Go for a large arced or rectangular piece, or, opt for smaller ones in fun and unique shapes. The choice is yours!

  7. Soft beddings & pillows

    Photo from instagram: @todayhouse

    In order to achieve that cozy feeling, try to go for neutral and soft colors for your beddings & pillows. If possible, set aside some of your budget to buy some good quality duvet or comforters to help you get enough of those ZzZs.

    Here’s a hack if you have a low ceiling room: ditch the bed frame and consider changing to wooden slats for your mattress instead! This can help create the illusion of high ceilings despite your actual floor space!

  8. Go for natural materials

    Photo from oneroommaking.com

    If you’ll notice, it's really common for Korean interiors to incorporate natural materials such as wood fixtures and plants. Adding some light colored wood furniture into the room along with the white walls communicates a relaxed space that looks effortlessly put together. Plus, it’s always good to invest in low-maintenance indoor plants! Other than helping you destress, they also make the space appear brighter and inviting.

    Here’s a hack if you have a low ceiling room: ditch the bed frame and consider changing to wooden slats for your mattress instead! This can help create the illusion of high ceilings despite your actual floor space!

Here are some Instagram accounts you can follow to give you more ideas on how you can start your own Korean inspired self-interior project: @ggumigi, @todayhouse, @self_interior. Or, you can also search some videos on youtube for DIYs of Korean inspired rooms if you ever feel lost in the process! Check out this aesthetic tutorial from Retrobelle that I recommend, where she breaks down different Korean bedroom styles one by one.

Nowadays, with the new normal set-up, our rooms have become a place where we spend most of our time, so it's important that we create a cozy nook where we can be safe and comfortable to be ourselves. I hope this list can be helpful to you or inspire your other chingus (friends) as well in creating a beautiful, Korean-inspired space, to make your K-life better!